Personal vortexes, waves and high energy


Spirit once told me to find, where the waves run backwards.  Like many one-liners from Spirit, at the time it stumped me and I let go.  Yet often messages/lessons/moments do come back around.  So now, several years later I am chuckling as I think I finally got it.  I was scribbling vortex’s and waves (processes we do create in this journey) and then, was looking at my drawings at different angles.  Oh, backward waves = vortex.  Well, why couldn’t Spirit just say, get in the vortex!  Ha, well that is an Abraham/Esther Hicks book/teaching. 

(These I actually clipped from online, feel free to do your own doodling.  Often it is light language and assisting in our remembrance/learning styles.)

Sketch-of-flow-pattern-inside-cyclone-separator 2  Sketch-of-flow-pattern-inside-cyclone-separator

When I can, I do enjoy reading other’s work (we each hold a piece/peace).  Over the past several months I’ve read that this/now energy isn’t going to stop/lesson.  And for some this is good/encouraging news… yet for others I do feel that this is to trigger as they’re already in up to their head/third eye/crown.

Several years ago the process/waves did seem a bit milder and definitely slower (and often others who’ve been doing this much longer than I confirm).  So I can tell you that getting used to the new and pretty much non-stop energy is an undertaking/adventure/practice… till it becomes the norm.

And it can get to an intensity that makes your, for the most part manageable/enjoyable journey/life, not so much.  Yup… and for me, this was unexpected and after some time… a sign.  I knew, like many other things/steps/moments, I needed to discern.  I was looking/ready for ease, grace… simplicity/natural and consistency again.   Well, I would discover it was for many reasons.

Over a year ago I felt energy that didn’t seem to decrease or stop.  I knew how to ground yet none of the ways seemed to work.  In moments I’ve felt energy like each of these pictures.  It was… too much.  So I found that I did need to pause/stop/disconnect/clear the channel… and find new ways that worked for me.  While past posts/or list below may assist, finding what works for you is key.

The energy is out of this world… special… and at times we do really enjoy the high.  Yet we also need it to be conducive to our life.  I will say though that in the extremes, they do serve and one can learn much.  Trust your process.  It can though be a sign that one is taking in too much… or a bit off course yet might not even realize.  And, to be consistent is and will be a much needed virtue.  Many will now hold this space as other awaken/ascend.  (While many spiritual people get it and are patient/understanding/it all works out regardless, to be all that we can be  😊  we will be needed even more.)

One will (find ways to) be/live this higher frequency.  It can happen naturally/gradually/in time.  It can be bliss or a bit rough.  And often we go as groups.  Some go, over the top excited or… kicking/screaming/moaning/groaning… or what may seems like, drug.  Oh the variety.  Really though we’re all holding hands and carry those who need to be carried.

With these past few days, I’ve noticed (again) more peace and grace with these waves/pulses.  Enjoying the upgrades/energy… no matter what it brings.  As if my mind/attitude/body has relaxed even more/yet again.  2017 had months of this yet 2018 has been… 😊 special.  I can remember years ago when all of this started and then progressed, it sure can stir up 111 questions.  Like, is this normal?  What is this?  I never read about this.  Or I did read about this… but, but… !!

When I last wrote on this topic a year ago, I was connecting the pieces/understanding yet now realized it hadn’t really sunk in.  This is about personal vortex’s we create (in/for us)… and finding/opening vortex’s (as in gridwork and often as guided).  Often we do need to reverse/get energy moving in an opposite direction  (stir up any stagnant energy).  Vortex’s can swirl forwards or backwards yet interesting as we often think of it as only forward.  At times though the process can be so powerful that we do either-or.  Now may be a time to practice doing both as this is what we came here for.  Much has changed/awaken in our body/energy as well as in the ground/light grid.  Oh are we having fun yet??  Much love and enjoy.

 ((  ❤  ))


What may help the body allow high energy pulses to flow/do what it needs to:

  • Sleep  (a warm blanket or weighted quilt may help with restlessness)
  • Laying flat, relaxed, breathing (and allow the energy to circulate), calming the mind/no thoughts
  • Epson salt bath, a swim in a pool – float/being buoyant
  • A long hug… and possibly repeat often
  • Less/no online time
  • Painting and who cares what/what it looks like – just flowing
  • Couch time with a friend, just talking/bonding.  At times even tears (a release) is needed
  • Outdoor time, walking slow in nature, taking pictures of nature, finding/creating an anchor point
  • Living/doing more/different in-between the higher energy pulses – not waiting as you are a divine creator


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