Much is buzzing

Oh super full moon… along with a list of other possible energies has been building for several days now.  Often full moon’s bring clarity… and also new remembrance, a-ha’s, comforting/encouraging messages.  This time though, to start, a zinger for me.  Ever had one of those?  At times Spirit will more than nudge/bring light to, the obvious (yet one might not have seen).  This is a time of expansion and growing into and UP.  So if you’ve gotten comfortable in your journey… well… you might want to get ready… (yes though, we do have time).  While comfort/routine is the plan/ideal for many… others of us seem to like the adventure/change.  And even more is coming. 

Jan – Feb may be about the inner experiences.  (For many, Nov – Dec was about outer experiences and then we pull in again.)  Then in March, one marches… in knowing.  Each path is different and much is stirring, well – always.  So if you know, you go!

I will say that there have been new body sensations/points/energy running.  I’ve noticed for about a week now.  A little buzz here and then sensation there.  Not the normal (chakra) spots.  ALL over.

A new season/chapter has started.  Interesting as Spirit pointed out my appendix yet then giggled.  Spirit often does word play and I could see  (3rd eye)  a book.

Appendix (body) can be looked at as a storehouse or assist in rebooting one’s digestive system.  Appendix (book), many of us may be referring to, lol.  And Spirit had pointed out a possible link with the abdomen/abandonment issues weeks ago.  Oh how the body can now be used/appreciated and speak.

Sleep has been lighter with the full moon and meditation time extra special.  Soul time.  An energy/connection, as if even stronger.  While the messages are more fluid now, right before was quieter; the feeling was enough to sustain.  See if you can feel your soul dance around your heart and then upward/outward.  And while morning meditation are chilly outside (here/now), if the sun is out, even 11 minutes is oh so worth it.  (Dreams, too, seem to be spot on.)

Rites of passage are happening and leaders are being asked to step up.  Some will hear the call… some will know… some will come to it… or it will come to you.  Now is a synchronistic time.  Now though is not the time to come undone… or lack faith.  Well… coming undone can be a perfect step and often just the thing to do.  It is a form of surrender.  Surrender if often deeper and more powerful than we realize.  Not just the cliché of the word, more getting to the zero/still/neutral/home point.  It can happen quickly (like literally seconds, practice) or take days/weeks/a lifetime.  It is when one has tried/done what they need to and let’s go.  (It can also happen in a routine or joy/peace moment – one just slips into.)  The slate is wiped clean.  One find the floor/ground/new earth/truth/feeling and the next/now/new/always is anchored and starts again.  For some they may need to surrender almost repeatedly, like daily x 2 as it’s the amount of potential change happening.

Creation is a big part of, what’s next.  Really we’ve been doing this for years now.  Tying into expression… and how does one now wish to?  All of work/efforts has been for this new foundation/platform.  Yes, maybe it’s taken years/decades – time doesn’t matter/let go.  Now we step back and look at what we wish to add/create/build next.  One can think big picture or room by room… it can be anything.  And it may help to ponder on, who will visit??

So some random notes.  Take what serves as I offer/relay perspectives.

While it always works out, think change/growth/knowing verses comfort… or a mix of all.  Discomfort can though keep one moving.  Yet so can drive/passion/knowing.  Spend time with your Soul.  (One might then find they need even more of this special time.)

I received a message on, Independent souls.  YES, much of this journey is about us/we/together!!  Yet the message was empowering those who might align with/have always, beat to their own drum.  There’s nothing wrong with doing your own thing/your own way – you know.  And if one finds themselves in a challenge vibration, why have you placed self here?  To accepted… the challenge – to rise above.  To make simple yet bold choices/movements.  To know, no more excuses… just desire… and that your are loved/supported/needed.  Oh keep breathing through the changes.

I also received an interesting message on law of attraction.  If one is a Divine Creator… certain “laws” just don’t apply.  You came to create no matter what the obstacle/reality/illusions is.

Themes of com fort able, freedom, ease, union… and the light grid continue.  The light grid messages/connection/use may come in bits and pieces/on and off.  It is an honor/sacred and to be respected.  Some will be here and now and transitioning even more.

Okay, more than enough… 😊  Leave with a song… and lots of love and light.  Think/feel/be new, bright, warm and open.

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