Appreciate the Canvas

The potential… for it is yours.

Weeks ago I was forewarned that another process would be unfolding.  Lol, always.  I started this year with/in great energy.  The past 2-3 weeks in a way though, have been a blur.  Each day a bit different and staying present.  Notebook close as dreams, messages, signs, a-ha’s continue.  And feeling/observing the different energies available. 

Moments of writing and letting it flow and then, knowing not to write/stay present to whatever unfolds.  This has also been a time to review, discern… and some moments of disorientation, too.  This can challenge the mind.  Are we on the edge of humanity… or insanity?  Well… I know what am I choosing.  Don’t push.  Enjoy.  If one needs something to do… be kind, have fun – with the routine or work, loop back around to a former gift/time (potential gems to re/discover and share)… and ah, self love/care.  For some their body is doing what it needs to and this alone would be a big wow if we knew.  Oh we are so moving ahead yet it might not feel like it.

New topics/lessons have been rolling in.  Often new themes will be gently placed and then unfold over months.  Everything from more understanding (as well as homework) on dna strands/lightbody to, taking the teaching of multidimensionality (which for many of us became real some time ago and was a big wow) and then adding the concept of non-linear.  I think of the movie, Arrival.  It will bend your mind a bit.

So as my energy body seems to be in process, writing on a lighter subject/short story and more later.

Years ago I remember reading of certain things to do and not to do on this journey, like what would assist.  I often found though that what had been written just didn’t work for me.  So please know that anything I share is just a perspective.  There’s no wrong way to do/be spiritual.  This is a very personal/tailored journey and many reason why certain ways do/don’t work.  We also come here to enjoy the human experience.  So at the top of my list would be that food (verses fasting) and some tv/movie time (verses not) do work!  I often find reminders and inspiration in shows/movies.  And at times it’s good to get lost in/for a moment. 

Over a year ago I watched one of the Hunger Games as it came on tv.  I’d been warned not to watch them out of order – that I just wouldn’t understand – yet I really did enjoy watching.  I did have questions and gaps as references were made to the former/linear story.  And, life goes on.  This weekend though the former movies came on tv.  Ahh… to understand the story in it’s entirety.

Interesting as this is parallel to my/many’s journey (particularly if one receives spirit messages/channels/have prolific dreams/visions).  Often we do know/receive a “chapter” of the story a year/decade… or maybe a lifetime before we understand the bigger picture.

And both Hunger Games and Divergent remind me of a message about looking at the big picture/loopholes/always an answer/the design.  We are both the key and the lock.


Appreciate… this new canvas.  You have been gifted a fresh new start.  ❤



(And ha, a read from almost a year ago, Arrival.  Oh how I write and let go.)



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