As I went to type the word, unknown, I smiled as the answer was clear.  Stay present.  Enjoy the mystery and unfolding.  The energy this morning is delightful.  Both music and spending a few minutes with the rising sun I am sure helped to remind.  It’s peace with a bit of what would you like to now do/create/experience?  We have though been under a pretty thorough electron flux scrub for the past 36+ hours.  And interesting as little to no geo-storms this year.  Last year it seemed like one after the other. 

Last night as I was falling asleep words were rolling in.

“Tomorrow is a great new day.  Treat it as such.  Unlimited possibilities.  Meditation may not work as it has… yet, legs do.  Stretch them a bit…”

Oh yes to all of this and I responded back, grateful, happy and in heart space/sync. 

“Then say it ain’t so… show.”  Oh!

While we have… are… and will continue, still a good reminded.  I do believe in being a living example and walking meditation.  How we at times take the small things like freedom, health and simple moments for granted.

Then I saw a calendar and will just share – please know that your guidance is #1.  Three accelerations this year.  March, April, May.  Then this quick pause and regroup.  Then June, July, August.  Again a quick regroup.  September, October, November.  December was a time to then honor the entire process and year.   Hmm… wonder what the three delightful little whirlwinds/fast-tracks will be…?  Chuckling… remaining in the now.

The last words I remember were, time to use the “lower” body.  The energy though seemed a bit tickled.  Oh how so much is written on the upper body and to drop the lower body.  Well, now it is one amazing body.

Wishing all a divine now.  ❤



P.S.  I come back just two days later to add that I did need this message.  Often Spirit messages mean more and one doesn’t always understand until life plays out.  A certain situation and then the words did fit in a new way.  Like I thought it was an obvious/simple/yet good message yet was advice needed to transcend a real life situation.

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