So Full and Soulful


Yes, we are.  Feeling it…?  As I was looking at my notes, wondering where to start… well this might just be the issue, lol.  The variety… and the spectrum.  So I start with, at times on this journey one is dialed in yet what seems like between a rock and a hard place.  The obvious/path doesn’t seem highlighted/to present.  The choices… just choices/not ideal.  Yet one knows or feels that they need to do… something/anything.  While there are times to hang loose/wait/be patient…

for the ones who know that they need change, please do… whatever is easy/presents.  At times the steps are small/not as glorious appearing… and for a reason.  Often it is a form of protection/support/redirection as one is growing into the next.  And if one can take a moment, they may see a slightly better choice.  The important thing is stagnation/death energy is like poison.  Keep moving/get out of it.

I can also say that if one chooses to settle, you can alchemize.  And if one is ready, create what you want verses choosing from what is.  Often options that other’s don’t even think of are available.  We present the idea, smile and see.

And then on the other extreme, one may have many wonderful opportunities surrounding them – so many that they don’t know which to choice.  While discernment may assist (think/feel what makes one joyfully happy)… at some point just trust and try… go!  Breath, smile and have some fun with it.  Seriously what do we have to loose?  By now this journey has stripped away oh so much of the false and proven it’s self/shown how the Universe works.  Yet if one has fear/an issue… ah – here is your next to work on, now.  It can take time or be resolved rather quickly.

One may find that making a list of all that this journey has done for you/changes you’ve felt/seen- an eye opening moment.  While even one thing is enough, you might be writing for some time… in gratitude.

And this seems to tie into a message on:  All path are equal.  (At times I receive messages, as if a scribe/messenger to relay.  Other times I can feel the messages and how the vibration assists me/the body personally.)  One can get to a point in their journey where it all levels/balances out.  Often we discuss that choices matter and to align with a high vibe.  This work can take years/decades.  At times we have much undoing/sorting/cleaning up/elevating to do.  Yet to know that any choice is good and others not better.   😊   This sure can take out some guess and extra work, too.  From the Universes perspective what is to happen, will.  It’s more about the feeling and general milestone/experience verses the details.  So a thing can happen in 111+++ ways.

So whatever one is wrestling with now, is so that you will be successful… in the now or future.


Once one makes peace, one will see.  The wall/form/illusion falls.  It may be instant… or gradual as your eyes adjust.  And speaking of eyes… about 18 months ago I underwent a (third) eye/vision over hall.  To be able to see a bit more.  Now that seems to be happening with hearing.  I was outside one evening enjoying the moon and was walked through a range of frequencies/hearing the multiple and explained why it needs to happen gradually.  Anything else would be overwhelming.

On occasion I’ve written about templates/drops/wipes.  They can be collectively, and/or personally (and also often tie in with Mother Earth).  And like most of the words I’ve used in the past, it does seem to take on new meaning and become literal.


To know/experience on a deep/inward/high/outward way.  I’ve mentioned a few times this past month(s) or so that some will be phasing out of/complete with ascending.  Many have embodied… what they needed to – oh the many layers/forms and what might have seemed unobtainable/unknown.  And we have a very significant wave awakening now and we will be needed even more – stabile/available in a new way.

Ascending is a sacred journey.  Interesting though as I was doodling again and viewed it as skiing.  We are lifted up, up, up.  We reach the plateau.  We gracefully ski down… or stumble and fall.  We reach the bottom and often choice to go again and again whether for practice or for joy/mastery.

For some it becomes a lifestyle.  For some, they’ll end their vacation as they know/need to return to a reality.

Template swaps can also feel like ascending/descending yet it’s a bit different – lol, if we need to get technical.  The comparison I was given was, emergency heat.  When one goes to use after a time of it being dormant, it does burn off the dust (and sometimes has a odor or makes one sensitive/aware/even sick).  And some areas may have more dust than others.  So getting out of the house may assist.  (As in literal or meditation).  In joy/knowing it can happen naturally.

One’s light core/column/spine/heart though may be effected as well as organs.  Personal template swaps/activations are a big deal and no need to rush.  It’s another form of certain dna coming online.  One may now feel a chill that comes and goes (to remind and as the body fortifies) and I’ve noticed a theme of puffiness/expansion.  Trust that soon it will be flowing again.

Oh… a spiritual journey can be done and experienced in so many ways.  Gheez, I only write on a very few.  For some it is or becomes about ascending, soul aspect exchange, walk-in/out, embodying, healing, forerunning.  For some the process/journey will restore one to their original… I AM.  Maybe who you always were yet weren’t ready or wouldn’t/couldn’t allow self to be.  Original, unique, whole.  Soulful/SoFull.  Enjoy this moment.  ❤

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