Light Codes


Short and sweet.  While we’re each in a different place… for many the light codes/dna that are awakening in a new way/vibration simple need time here.  For many who’ve completed the initial seven year pass/regeneration… or several for that matter… 😊   Adjustments have been made (and will continue as needed).  I experienced this just the other day as…

several surprise events happened back to back.  They needed to.  While many of us have been experiencing this journey through emotional/mental/physical/spiritual adjustments/processes, the reality work is also a big part.  We do the best we can and then holding space – a vibration – as the body continues to do what it needs to… and we live and love.

Wishing all a day rooted in ease, light/knowing/truth… and please hug and laugh with someone today.  Namaste and Blessings.


P.S.  Interesting as this journey is full circle on many topics.  Messages on the lower body and how it’s vital to our mission here.  One may be feeling as it’s working on one’s vital organs.  Google says there’re five (brain, heart, lungs/breathe, kidneys, liver/detox-release-processes), yet we also have up to 78 organs in our amazing body.

And while I might have shared, as I am still in  awe worthy to state again that a few years ago I had an experience and felt an energy.  At that time it felt light-years away and I thought the only way I’d feel it again was when I transitioned/passed over (and was okay with this, grateful just to have the experience).  A few weeks ago out of nowhere, I felt that energy in me.  This is what we’re anchoring in and yes, a big wow!

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