Gleam… both a verb and noun.  That’s the word that comes to mind.  And what can one gleam from the past week or so.  Oh it might be, much!  Eventful…? 

If so, I do hope one pauses/processes/holds in perspective.

In reflection I’ve found it interesting the recent time and energy syncs… several “anniversaries”/possible do-overs of earlier events.  So one might see similar energy of three months ago… or six years ago now playing out.  Yet… we are different.

Events/energy/processes/life may very much impact our body/reality/mind/now.  The added challenge yet gift is we no longer carry karma/density.  We are not to make an imprint/dip that later needs some work.  So the things we used to ignore/stuff down/carry/act in a certain way, well we just can’t anymore.  We remain present and work through it.  The density/lesson/emotions/whatever it may be.  So one might feel/focus on it.  We do want to get to a point of neutrality – like no harm, no foul.  To see the divine plan at work.  Yes, it can take hours/days/weeks… not the years/lifetimes of before.  This is our modern day alchemy.  Taking one form and transforming it into a more useful reality.  And this may take practice – be kind to self.

Years ago I started working on a handful of personal things in meditation/higher energy.  I wasn’t sure if it would work.  It did.  I was often surprised to see the change/outcome/joy.  It’s good to do this work.  Pave it forward prior to (as in energy work) and then go forth in this energy in reality.  Yet it’s interesting as Spirit is encouraging many of us to do more and more reality work.  We’ve come out of the closet/cave/shell again and again.  And it might be a bit of a shock what we encounter.  Not always easy (when we know it should be).  I even came to a moment where I was thinking, love and light just doesn’t always work here and now.  Yet it does.  It is our fuel and that’s all that matters.

So one may find themselves asking, why does the Universe continue to bring challenge/crap?  Like shouldn’t we be past this?  Well, we’re building spiritual muscle, practicing and oh so resilient.  We become strong, in knowing and rooted.  We also become… in moments bold/take risks and create our own life/reality.  So this is not a time of trials… it’s just the trail.  No hiding – continue on and shine.

I will also note on, anger.  Years ago I had to release this energy that I didn’t even know my body held.  I was a bit surprised and it can be scary.  Anger energy is an option yet it’s not a bad thing.  It can ignite our body into a process we need.  Use the emotion/fire internally and productively and then let it go.  Mastery.  Don’t be afraid of anger.  Understand it, use it, it’s just a way/emotion.

Those who are waking up now and over the next several years (as well as the divine incoming souls) need us here experiencing as much as we can in the 3D/reality.  We need to know and be available.  Retreating and doing the work in the higher planes alone isn’t enough.  We do have one foot in both realities.

So the work continues.  One may feel in emotions/physical/reality.  Stay the course.  We always leave it better than we found.

And the joy also continues.  I am feeling much will be shifting again here in a few days/weeks… yet can also be now.    ❤

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