Allow your best self to step forward


Okay!  Can we start by taking a deep and long breath.  Ahh…  I wrote a post on now yet it got long; too long.  Now is that multifaceted.  So it may be best to just let go/move along and start on a fresh page.  While we’re all in different places, personally I’ve been working though some tougher energy these past few days.  Over the years I’ve often felt one is placed in a process/energy/experience/under a thumb… and it can feel consuming/intense.  One though is also aware that otherwise it wouldn’t be… (or be as big of a deal as it now is/seems).  One does their best and then… it does shift/lessen – ha! lesson – and at times will completely disappear.  And we move forward – often different from the experience.  So this latest pulse…

While I often write on the general energies I feel… this one seems personal, lol.  That’s the good news.  I can hold it in perspective.  Often though what I experience, others (generally) are too.  So… I’ve been working in a certain reality and have also been feeling the latest energy meets body upgrades.  Before many of us were given time/protection/individual pieces yet now… we’re doing, integrating, evolving and, and, and.  Alive, awake… and living.  Smiling is also a great accessory.

So the physical part (some feel, some don’t) has been intense enough…. and for like weeks now.  Very few breaks.  One may feel in mood, energy or… it’s not that one is sick yet how the body is accepting/adapting/changing with the energy/vibration/codes/dna/light… it often has to work through and with our immune system/organs.  If one feels great or, not so great – both awesome!  It may be consistent or come and go.

The reality work can also seem challenging/unexpected/like 3D??  The old me would have called it drama, stress or have avoided or reacted to it.  The me of a year ago wouldn’t have believed this would come around.  Yet now we remain who we are, stay dialed in and take it step by baby step.  And while we’ve done tons of healing/higher work… we might also have a bit more to do in moments.  I’ll share that in a situation I could feel by body fighting – like why is this happening/in my energy??  This isn’t suppose to happen.  Well… no one is exempt.  Lightworkers we are being summoned.  Boots on the ground and it might not be what you thought.  And it may tie into if anything is lower in your energy/plan/community… trust that it’s now being brought front and center.  Hello!  And we got this!

While we might not completely understand, this is about the unknown/larger/future… as well as the here and now.  Our role is to flow through the transition.  And we can… kicking and screaming… or in ease in grace.  Even better, I was reminded of this post, we can laugh our self to a new reality.  Some of the work is/may seem like a test of who we now are and it may be appropriate to stand firm, be kind… smile and present a more enlightening truth/option/way.

While reality (or physical or _____ ) work presents… please know that something much grander is also happening.  As we’re being asked to step up here/now… this is just a reflection of the larger picture.  We’re stepping out as our new and now best self.  One might not see/feel in this moment but try as it is happening.  Don’t fight it, allow it to happen.    ❤


P.S.  Interesting as I’ve already been out today, several stops.  I seemed to run into all the one’s who forgot today is Valentine’s (5D) Day.  Oh it can be a sore subject for some.  Make it a pleasant one, remind of love.  Every day is a good day to give/show/receive/be love!

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