Note of Joy


Short and sweet… stay present.  Amazing work and unfolding is happening.

Yup, possibly some tougher stuff, too.  Trust it as we’re leveling up whatever needs to now be seen, worked on, transcended.  While I can see groups/waves yet also unfolding in each’s time/vibration.  I feel like I have 11+ things to pass along but not the time to write.  It’s been a full week.  And this might be the point.  While I love sharing… I do hope I just give an example of how one can do/be this for self.  Trust your process.  Anything else is just a reference.

I will say that there has been this soulful feeling.  Tying into the anchoring in home theme.  I remember years ago having a longing feeling.  As if I was missing/needed something to feel whole.  When I started a more intense spiritual path, this started to fade… and then seemed gone.  More moments of feeling a connection to a powerful yet peaceful force.  Now that seems to be in me and it truly is a great feeling.  Without one will go seeking… and this too does serve a purpose.

So I’ll see if time opens up this weekend/soon to write.  Until then, you are doing great!!   And I love you!!  ❤


P.S.  Body adjustments continue!  Rest when you can – be patient and kind.

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