Hold on


Oh so much to potentially write on yet am also letting go of some of the bigger stuff.  Simple really is best.  So let’s see what get’s typed up.  To start, this weekend pulse for many is… TOUGH.  Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  A reality.  Hopefully not all combined but quite possible.  One might be feeling in the heart, gut, mind, lower back… body.  Rest… breath… stretch.  Self-care/love is a must.  This will pass yet it may feel all consuming.

Now… for many truth is changing.  And this is big.   When your truth changes, you change… and so does one’s reality.

Listening (honoring/peace) is important.  This may be to your body… your soul/higher-self/Message from Spirit… or to another.  One though may see those who listen to react.  That’s a mind thing/game… and often old programing.  Feeling each moment as anew can bring better results.  Silence (as a response) is okay and at times the best answer.  This may be a time to pull in to process and know/request what is the next best step.

At times it takes something dramatic or traumatic to get one/a group to wake up.  Change does happen.  Many souls have volunteered to experience/usher in the new.  Years ago I received teachings on everything is love/divine and am grateful.  I am overcome by the love I see and feel.

Often a moment/event will happen.  Then realizations come.  Action may or may not be needed.  One might feel like an answer is needed and trust that it will come/unfold.  It’s not always an instant process.

I didn’t realize… till I did that I was invited to observe several duality/3D events in the past week or so.  I now needed to be aware of them and how the paradigm is/will be shifting… and a challenge to shift.  Oh we seem to like challenges, lol.  Then again we’re on an accelerated track and things can shift overnight.  There are many systems that have been in place and believe/operate from a right/wrong, positive/negative, winner/looser… and many invitations to let go/heal/show an example/elevate to 5D.

2018 has indeed been interesting already.  And oh so much to come.  And… this is a time to be/show our new essence/aura.  One can connect in meditation and practice observing/feeling.

If now feels tough, hold on, it will shift.  We experience (and have to be at times shaken/moved/so effected).  We are also being supported through this, too.  Reach out and go slow (that’s your part).  Breathe.  Much love and will write more later.  ❤


P.S.  Some are having what I’d call a fiber optics light upgrade.  (older post here)  Replacing old/bulky cords/programs/operating system and like in reality, this can come with some work/glitches/system down.  Rest/meditation/patience will guide/allow.  Ties into our new/vibration and one may see their light core now as harp cords.  The music of the Universe is playing.

P.S.S.  As day goes on, whoo-fast/accelerated!  And a date sync – 218 = 11   Yup this is an 11 year.  Coming out of the new moon and into the light/full moon.  Lots of ear ringing too!

And… lol… themes of paying for it twice/double jeopardy… stages of grief… and a visit from a pill/roly poly bug.  See what themes/signs you’re seeing – in your energy, always a message.

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