In joy


Oh the theme of JOY continues.  It’s been a while so I smile, welcome and relay.  Years ago when channelling started for me, this was one of the core messages.  To do what brought joy… what one loves.  While this seems obvious… 

and one can choose this in each moment… trust that it may take a while (to be a more consistant state of being – many processes/prior commitments/shedding).  So interesting to now loop back to simple and pure, joy.  Yippee!

I received this short message and paused as I so got it.  While a certain word was used in the fill in the blank, what I found is it can apply to just about any situation.  One could use words such as love, who you are, money, health, home, etc.

To show you  _________ , we have to show you what is not.

While often we do know what we want and strive to manifest/align, one of the ways to do this may be to acknowledge the other side of it.  To do the work of realizing, making changes on our part/leaving situations better than we found it (even if this is just energy wise)… and then trusting that the other side will naturally surface.

Often in this journey one will be open… to what needs to present/happen.  While it can be a joy moment, at times tougher experiences.  One will also see (in time) why…  and the gifts that come.  For many this is a step-by-step and very thorough process.  A, teach the teacher.  Interesting though, a recent Spirit message was to take joy and run with it.  To, not be so open/nuetral… as with that one may be forever clearing.  Clearing/healing is amazing work yet…  Joy sure does sound better.  So if you’re ready, let’s just do that.  In joy, enjoy…. and swift flowing energy.  Oh much love!!


[  Worry.  Not productive… yet can give a clue to what needs discernment/healing/letting go.  Stay present and envisioning/feel what you want.  Click into that vibe.  Allow your heart to expand/flutter/flow.  Time in nature may help to remind/reset.   And rest may also help now.  In rest/sleep/dream time there is knowing and in knowing … 😊 ]

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