2 two to too


Good morning loves and lights.  How are you doing?  I seem to be working on two posts at once.  So a few things I thought I’d share here. 

If you haven’t mastered or given enough attention/time/practice to self-care… welcome to your invitation.  Self-care is a must on this journey.  Without it, life and the truly beautiful process we are in becomes difficult.  So let’s not make it any harder on self… and others.  With the increasing energy… this is to show many things.  Some may feel as if they need to choose this or that.  Ah, telling… what do you choose?  And it may be pushing one to trust even more.  There is no wrong answer but this energy and your soul is your highest potential and doing it’s job.  Please take good care of your vessel as we have many glorious miles ahead.

I awoke this morning to be greeted by thick fog in the area.  (Many of us are anchoring and in process/body adjusting – also noticed an increase in brief ears ringing/new tones.)  Fog yesterday, too, yet it burned off and was a warm and sunny day.  Getting in the sun seemed to make all the difference.  I remember for a decade+ wondering if I had SAD (Season Affective Disorder) and have known these past few years that it was more a sign and process I needed to explore with Spirit.  I smiled a few weeks ago knowing that it had indeed been released/served it purpose.  Winter can be a great time to pull in and get to know self/soul better.  And wow – we really can heal self as SAD isn’t ideal or fun.

Probably about 11+ times I’ve gotten to a place on this blog when I felt it had served it’s purpose… and to stop writing.  In peace.  And then… within a few days I’d be back typing again.  I know when I feel these moments (this past week), in the grader picture, all are also feeling.  Big changes.

Yet I also find now interesting.  I happened to read several articles the other day about certain dates and events. (*)  I do get this – there is always a divine next.  The issue may be if one is expecting a certain thing to happen (and often big), well…    Not that it can’t and it is good to dream/intend/strive for miracles/grand/what your heart desires.  Miracles though are often mistaken.  Each day that we wake up here is.  Now yes, we do have a gateway/new vibe that many will be aligning with yet this is also a very personal process and any moment can be your moment.  Part of this ties into the ascension process: the up and down, the expand and contract and step by step.  And there may be times of breaking up this cycle, too.  Often lightworkers believe/hold this process to a standard that after the next cosmic date/energy blast, all of their work/faith will pay off.  Ha… it is.  Often what comes is not always what you think yet what you need  (sing it Mick Jagger).  So it may be a remembrance/union/new skill/message/divine moment… and/or in reality/physical form.  Trust that the Universe knows you and keep a grateful and open heart and mind.  And prepare to be amazed.

* (I didn’t realize the difference in me until I read the variety.  Yes, truth yet 2017 was a different year for me and just now am I seeing some of the more subtle changes.  Most centered around a larger understanding and relaxing even more into this amazing journey.  2017 was also an empowering year.  We stop waiting/relying/depending on Spirit and came into our power – and often this is through reality/our personal work.  We’re not waiting on the Universe, the Universe is waiting on us.)

Spirit has been clear that this is not a time of trial and tribulation.  We are more and to align to our essence vibe.  The suffering is over… or optional.  Moods are serving.  Welcome them, love them but you don’t have to feed them.  Question to understand, learn and let go.

On a different note, some have been exploring wormholes.  Can I just remind that it doesn’t end.  So if you’re having fun, continue.  Otherwise come back up for some air…?  Ground self back into a reality if even for a bit.  There are many here that need us.

We really do forget who we are and how much we affect our surrounding.  I was deep in though as I was walking the other day and was then greeted by a smiling face.  She kept smiling at me and then I realized why.  I was wearing a happy shirt… and that reminder her… and in that, she was reminding me.  I do often feel these moments.  Our aura/energy/presence can be exchanged with a simple and natural smile or hello.

So… let’s see what presents.  Relax and injoy – we’ve done the work.  Thanks for reading and much love!


P.S.  Often with new energy, while it can be instant, it also unfolds… interesting the timing as we roll into a full moon on 3/1.  If you have a busy day, just pause at 2:22 and breathe and know all is well.

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