Answers aren’t in the mind

I remember years ago hearing this statement and then and now agree.  Many of us are smart enough and have a brilliant mind yet there do seem to be times that an answer that makes sense and feels right is illusive.  Interesting as we live in a world that pushes for (immediate) answers and we live in a Universe that has endless possible answers.

So many may now be here:  When the answer is clear but… not the solution.  That’s what the more recent energy has done.  We know and once the understanding or right details/situation clicks, how this makes all the difference.  Trust that the ingredients are coming.  Yup, we may be mixing a few things together and/or have a few steps we need to follow.  (And yes, it may also be quick/easy/simple/bam.)

Earlier this month I had a situation that I needed to work through.  I felt it intensely and knew to stick with it.  It was a situation that another could say wasn’t real or lower… and this would be a disservice.  Any situation we’re in is why we are here.  Not as many write about the reality work one will encounter after an awakening/ascension – as if all that was to remove one from ever having to experience some situations again.  Ha… as it gets… real again.

While situations can be for many reasons, I did wonder why I was taking so serious and, why was it happening.  I knew in a slightly different energy/moment, I wouldn’t.  There are times that Spirit lifts us up immediately to see the higher plan.  I also seemed to know that it wasn’t to be felt as a test or Mastery practice/work (yet we shouldn’t underestimate the ripple effect).  So interesting as after I’d done all I could and let go, I also realized it was a piece of the (my personal) puzzle.  It was now time to step back and look at the bigger picture.

And then, it got quiet.  Oh I’ve gotten used to this, too.  Much is going on so a good time to allow upgrades/pull in yet also live.  Spirit then shared this perspective.  That one often has to feel/work though certain situations and then it is offered up as a solution.  Interesting as now I knew an answer yet not the how to details.  The how is coming.  It defies all logic.  It is the mystery, surprise and magic.

The details – in a different time/space/energy – then comes to mind or unfolds in time.  And just like as I/we work though situations, it can’t be rushed.  There is a divine order and when truly needed, the vibration will match and the solution will come.  This is manifesting… yet… it’s not as quick as many of us read/believed years ago when we started.  Practice… as my bet is as with all of the other skills we’ve remembered, it will grow.  It will also become accelerated as everything else has.  While some are already mighty manifestors… others of us are learning the slower and more intricate process.

And… the other obvious is… answers are in the heart.  Our heart… the Universal heart… in love.  Often by allowing, loving and exploring the heart, answers will then flow to the mind.  ❤

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