From Carbon to Crystal

Alright loves and lights, this one got a bit long but ya know that I often write on the process and in story-teller mode.  This seems to be one of many topics I write on from time to time.  Usually not in detail yet to start the bridge.  Maybe the honest answer is my brain can only understand so much at a time and then I move along again.  Yet it must be important as the topic keeps coming round.  I like simple though and know we’ll get there.  So, here we go…

I started this blog to share what I knew and believed in.  Yet it wasn’t long and I found myself in new water.  And I would again and again.  In the past at times hesitant (like, am I to be this honest?  or, is anyone else experiencing this?).  The answer would be yes to both.  Just a perspective, piece… moment.  While an amazing story is being told, it’s also become less personal and much more about a larger process/movement/shift.  So I do often oscillate between sharing the beauty, ease, knowings and the new to me wow’s.  Both a teacher and a student; Mastery and child like wonder.  And yes, at times so wanting to know; the researcher.

So I was recently a bit confused as Spirit had foretold that ascending would be fading/switching/ending.  And a few months later, this would be the case for me.  While I write and share as much as I can, there are some experiences and stories I tend to hold.  Ascending is a very sacred path and one will know when it is complete.    (And I will also say that ascending  -a very popular spiritual word- can hold different meanings; message if you wish to discuss further.)

So I was wondering why then my body was continuing to feel back-to-back-to-back integrations.  Oh many are right now.  I guess I assumed the ups and downs (often with ascending) and upgrades went hand-in-hand/were all generally the same process.  Nope.

[  My process started with knowings, then being a medium and then… feeling the higher realms/messages very outside of me and as if from a far off place.  I’d usually have to be in the zone to receive and be a channel.  This can vary from person to person.  I was blessed that my zone was a pretty natural state – not that far off from who I normally am – verses a trance like state.  Yet I will say that stress/working 24/7 is not a conducive state.  When it started, I received messages I knew I’d only get once I passed over/was in heaven.  And I’d learn that heaven is just a stop on the tour.  So it was an honor and often very healing, showing the bigger picture and truth/messages that resonated.  Yet then… change… and I wouldn’t know it at time but an even closer connection was embodying.  One can ascend and be/hold that vibration here and now.  Ascending, while it can be a religious/Christ like experience, it’s also about vibration, healing, changing and clearing density.  The body is being prepared.  We do also ascend personally and collectively.  And… (almost as a side note) I will say that some judge/can be critical of channels or get frustrated with the “fluff”  (ha, I can remember reading as awakening looking for answers) yet… the fluff is real.  We have to start somewhere and the feelings (as well as the simple and reassuring messages) are an important part of the process.  Some will just do this and they do assist many and self – a gift.  For some, with practice, it does become more yet one is not better than another, all divine.  ]

So… often as I am upgrading, the more detailed messages are limited and this brought me to doing some homework.  On a topic I’ve believed and been guided in for years yet, now a deeper level.  I wanted to understand more on the process of a the human body from carbon based to (plasma) crystalline silicone based.  Our light body.  For several years I’ve received brief messages and have noticed a light body in mood/release of cellular memory/density… then in aura… yet now as this continues…  how literal are we being?  Have you noticed that much is becoming reality.

So I’ll also share that I’ve known for months (hmm, maybe years) that my spiritual journey has served and in some ways I can stop yet continue on in a way/life/reality.  Grateful and forever changed.  Yet I also believe/know to continue on.  The more recent cross point arose though when some of these integrations have become a bit challenging as I so wish to live There was a time that life was more simple/protected and allowing the process/upgrades… one needs and knows.  So I wished to better understand/appreciate this process.  Like seriously what is happening…?  In knowing we then align/choose/relax/flow.

Well… it’s been happening.  Many have been feeling (last post) for years-decades now (yet not all do).  Often in stages and moments, a very physical process – every cell, organ, body part.  While many (including me) write on the symptoms, we’re ready to understanding/embrace the process on the next level.

In the past I’ve written on how each cell replaces itself.  So what if we truly are going from carbon based cells (and our 2 strand dna) to crystal.  And what was our junk (dna)… oh is our treasure.  This is, big.  Literally an upgrade/expansion.  That our cells can awaken/adapt/respond to higher light/frequency.  It can be easy for the mind to think on this as solid form, as in a solid form crystal yet think just a bit more fluid/flexible/symbolic; video below.

So when I tried to google crystalline silicone human… not much.  More on crystal silicone computers/electronics… and in some ways yes and bingo.  Yet many have/are writing on this process (see below)… the possibility and the science.  One may even read that it can change height, body weight, significantly less sleep/food, a longer life.  For me I am just enjoying the process although I will also say that I’ve seen some changes.  Getting to facts/proof though… well, we don’t know all here just yet – so much to discover.

This may be why staying hydrated is so important during this process.  And trusting our body.  When it needs rest and what foods it needs.  Our body tends to expand and contrast and as we’re releasing/changing from carbon cells to plasma/crystal, it can feel like illness… yet it is not.  We’re releasing the old and the new is a bit larger/more intricate.  This may also be why some are feeling repeated mini dark nights now.  Not only the collective but we’re allowing collapse and (re)creation.  Tears/fluid can assist in the flow.

And there are many things that can spring from this topic.  It also ties into gamma/sun/rays, vibration and diamond light codes.  As well as a variety of other themes:  healing, crystals, the light grid, messages on love, our greatness, energy/vortex’s/multidimensionality/music – oh this list could get long.  Over the years, Spirit has given whispers on the topic and also tried to explain in different ways yet there’s also a fair amount I note yet and let go of.  Maybe more for me, a few past posts here:    Human Photosynthesis     Why… the physical fire/hot and ice/cold

Help desk – subject: light body    Torus belt/field

Oh step by baby step.  And… in closing and for possible additional exploration, articles I found online that may assist or spark something in you.  I will also say this is about vibration and you may find something even better!  Thank you for reading, sharing and transforming on this amazing journey.  ❤


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    • Kristine!! I’ve often listened to and then was gifted one. They are amazing and can greatly assist in awakening/remembering, healing, and just to relax/reset. If you can find a session/workshop where they have multiple bowls – Heaven!! Each one holds a note/vibration for each chakra or issue. Here’s a link to one I used to listen in meditation with headphones: ❤ Amazon even sells yet with mine a friend thought it was a fancy salad bowl- LOL!

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