Mystic, Music and More

And on a different and hopefully lighter note… just a quick check-in.  Oh hasn’t this been an interesting month?  We may have another energy dip now/in the next 48-72 hrs.  In emotions, physically or in situations/reality.  Do not get disheartened.  Smile, breathe and remember.  It can pass in minutes verses having to work through that energy.  Shift, shift, shift!  Find a happy thought, listen to music, laugh with a friend, do something nice or silly.  An even bigger energy is incoming.  Many will be seeing their next step.  It may come in messages, reality and oh get ready for synchronies!  Love those.

Now in saying that, you know I am all for digging deep and doing the work yet for many – you have.  At times this is about being that higher vibe right here and now.  Suffering is optional and martyrdom is a thing of the way past.  😊   Think mystic.


For about a week now it seems like the dream portal is open.  I encourage to write down dreams no matter how odd or strange they seem.  With just about each this past week, I almost didn’t yet was then glad I did.  Often dreams are symbolic.  Break them down by vibration or feeling.  What does each item symbolize?  At times giving them a day (some distance and change in your vibe/needing to know) can also make it clear.  For me I was having foretelling dreams and once I got to the “symbol” in my reality, I then paused and smiled.  Often it’s not about the “unicorn”/flood/whatever symbol.  I will say that Spirit does seem to know… but of course  (and lol… what I’ll be eating in the future – often dreams of a certain food with certain people or in a certain situation and then bam… days later it unfolded).  Dream can seem encrypted and then morph/voilà.

It may also seem quiet.  Peace, divine neutrality.  Often one is on a need to know basis and this is a blessing!  Enjoy the moment.  Many have written that the month of February is assisting in releasing the grayer side personally/collectively/Universally.  You choose your color.  Paint it well.  Much love and more later…  ❤


P.S.  The next step may be where fantasy meets your reality.  Smile or meditate on that one.  No expectations, just joy.  Allow.

6 comments on “Mystic, Music and More

  1. Molly, you are so right about dreams. I have been writing mine in a journal for some time. I love to go back to a dream and date it and write the meaning of it. It is so much fun and a great way to see the growth of self.

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    If you’re feeling down, watch cat/dog videos, listen to a favorite light song, take a walk… get your mind to settle and let your heart open. The CMEs and cosmic rays are coming faster and faster… allow your body to adjust. Rest, drink fluids, daydream… Be.

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