Feelin in Heart Space…?

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Over the years many of us have had a variety of heart sensations and moments.  Anything from rapid/accelerated heartbeat to heartburn, pain, anxiety and even the wonderful heart openings and butterflies.  A newer one though surfaced for me about 10 days ago and now.  A different feeling than before.  I know that for I/many when they first started, it was concerning.  What was this and was it medical…? 

I do encourage one to seek medical attention if you feel called to.  Peace of mind! or just in case.  And oh the potential energy exchanges (in waiting rooms and with staff).  While modern medicine may not know/embrace ascending, we can plant seeds.  For me, Spirit reassures/guides – there’s been a lot of odd body stuff over the years.  So this more recent feeling is… well… a way to describe is feeling the heart lift  (as if being aired out) yet may feel more like it’s being pried up from the bottom or back side.  A mild ache that causes one to pause/notice.  It may even feel like a jab… or as if the heart is being jacked up.  As if a tomb is being opened… and it very well may be.

I saw a vision earlier today of ancient knowledge now flooding the planet.  It will come as energy/visions/messages/knowing’s.  And as with any flooding situation, one does the best they can.  Simple may be best (yet keep a notebook handy).  The intel… well there is no rush/urgency although it may feel like it; it’s sacred.  And it very well may come in waves – taking days and/or those mini rest/honoring moments to allow the body to receive/process/catch up.  For now one might just be seeing light pulses and then in days/weeks the mind will know.

Okay… so also several possible themes now running, too:

❤  Practice/lessons/being… Unconditional Love.

❤  To surrender, open heart and ease mind.  Balance. 

A possible meditation may be to envision any issue you have.  Name it and symbolically write it on a balloon… and release.  Ahh…   


If you have intense/vortex energy, a brisk walk/run/scream therapy or the polar opposite, like a nap or cry may also serve.

❤  To know that we are merging/blending energy/worlds/realities.  It can have moments of feeling like Heaven… and hell… and no thing. 

❤  Being aligned to your true calling.  This would included honoring other’s soul plans… and yours.  It’s not how you think and hopefully in meditation you’ve been lifted up to see the higher plan and why what you wanted/thought, might now not be the way.  And that we’ll be running the higher plan from here on out… and if things comes to a grinding halt, time to pause/pull in/discern.  It is for a reason.  This has been a time to reveal your not truth to… reveal your truth.  To know what not to do so that you do know what to do.  Oh this past month may have been a reality check.

So some questions that may assist:  Who am I serving?  Who/what have I placed as the center of my Universe?  What is blocking my truth…?  (a fear, thought, emotion)  How can I get out of my own way so the greater plan can show/light the way?  What/where am I forcing verses flowing and why??

❤  Many of us are also again being asked to step forward and UP.

I awoke this morning with these words:  HUman Heart Grid is elevated… Gateway to freedom.  😊   We are ready and let’s have some fun with this.  Much love…


P.S.  For some the incoming energy may cause one to sit… or lay down.  Again, it may come in doses and over days.  For some it will be very stabilizing energy… which means for others it may be very disruptive energy – both serve.  We will also be seeing the new lightworkers.   No longer can they sleep or be quiet.  Let’s support/assist where we can… oh we remember!

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