In Reverence

Welcome and happy March!  Smiling.  I received an interesting message/teaching and thought I’d share. 


That now or soon is a time to… observe.  Verses react.

To make conscious… what was unconscious… patterns/habits/unknown.

To witness… and honor… the divine plan.  Out of love.  In love.

Verses guilt/obligation/need.


Hmm… will many of us have a situation arise where these words/moments are creating a change.  In the pause.  While this seems like passive action… it may not be.  It’s not that we ignore.  And maybe a situation/sit u ation doesn’t even need to arise, maybe the guidance fits just fine if one takes a moment to see.

Blessing my loves and lights and much love.


P.S.  I’ve often noticed weekends seem to be a larger collective time of upgrades.  We are each in a different place yet all working together.  Honor what arises for it is for your benefit.  It may be a rest and receive weekend or a great time to bond, create, have an epiphany.  Open, joyful and grateful mind and heart.

P.S.S.  And don’t they say March, in like a lion, out like a lamb… or it may be vice versa.  While full moons are often a time of the bigger a-ha’s… I am experiencing this yet it feels different, much more subtle.  I do believe many of us are to stay in our vibe.  That this is important.  And know that our vibe is high/pure/perfect.  Practice or just be.  ❤

4 comments on “In Reverence

  1. Thank you for sharing! Observing and not reacting can be a challenge at times. But I’m working on it, especially when my impulse is to jump in and correct people (like my husband). So many times, right or wrong doesn’t really matter.

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