The Witness Aspect

I didn’t realize… till I did that Spirit’s been working with/teaching me on the witness aspect.  It’s taken about a month.  It seems more/different than letting go or divine neutrality.

So it’s been a process and some repetition (to engrain).  For now, I will share this notation:

The Witness does not intervene in Master plans.

An observer… holder of space … and allows.

Not always neutral yet calm and energetically not a player.

Listens.  Does not react or take anything personal.  The witness holds no judgement, explanation or slant.

A witness can hold the history, be a recorder yet, not the truth.  Really just a perspective.  More so they allow truth to happen.

The witness can be the light spirit.  Not to add or take away from an event.  It can be done is silence.  At times a more earth bound witness can choose to become seen, affected and possibly even take on a role.  It can be anything from victim/karma/lessons or… are empowered, changed and assist in change.

And at times they’re called upon to testify.  Yet this may be more about a teach/preach/show moment – an example or role model.  (One may feel that they’re to right/fix a wrong – yet nothing is wrong, small shift in vibe may be more effective).  It is to speak their truth yet… this doesn’t mean it is the truth.  Really it’s more to be the presence and light.  If needed, ponder on the higher plan and how one can testify in knowing and neutrality.  Powerful.

Interesting as this now seems to be an aspect that we will need.  We are being called to witness.  ❤


(I got the feeling there are a handful of events that are now set and when needed we’ll know to witness.  Witnessing is part of our mission yet doesn’t become our mission.  Just moments… special ones, that we agreed to be present/available.)

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