First, passing along:  TIMELINE GLITCHES and to choose wisely!  Over the weekend I noticed marked changes in people, places and things. I often smiled and thought how nice for all of this to finally catch up!  I guess I did know somewhere in me that this might just be a preview.  Then yesterday and today as if they were back to their older self/form. Whooo and no.   I/we know what we saw and that is our truth.  Stay high/the course, wise and stay out of the dookie, lol.  Remind others, too, as you can.  Create the reality you desire. 

Some are now working on what I call a full soul/source embodiment.  Oh interesting as I did wonder what came after a Christed/Crystal ascension.  And… in some ways we’ve been here before.  I know for me it was one of the first steps years ago.  I could feel a reunion with my soul.  I’d gotten so stressed, busy, etc. and it was as if my soul was outside of me… waiting patiently though for me to just calm down, connect and listen.  And soo soo much has happened since then.  Many steps and processes to now come back around.  This is our best self… here and now… and it will be unfolding.  This is our future.

I will say that some of the pretty much non-stop body adjusting to the new energy/ways can be tough in moments.  For me, I needed to drop all expectation.  All.  Smile and be kind to self.  And some are/will be connecting with a golden aura or a more intense white light.  This may be in meditation or as one looks around.  Just feel and enjoy.

Some, after years of practice, have finally made the switch from being doers/in service/go-go-go/a servant/often burned-out to placing self first and now serving others through self.  Self service is in accordance to divinity and the micro and macro plans.  Out of love verses fear/duty/obligation-cords/what your mind thinks.  So this can often mean taking a pass/getting to it in the right time/taking care of self and then seeing what one can do… in joy, love and knowing.

Now can be a busy/overstimulated time.  Yet it can also be so simple and pure.  Often we are drawn to certain writing for a reason.  To find our truth.  Often it does resonate and we smile as it’s (part of) our truth.  Other times it triggers or stirs up questions; also for a reason.  To find more of/what is our truth.  If it triggers fear though, I’ve found this is to find what part of it is false.  It may just be some or all of it.  Once we know… we move along in gratitude and changed from the discernment.  For some they’ve had a nice mini time-out/reset and drop some now illusions.  They might have formerly been truths; they served.

A message from some time ago resurfaced and then again teased me.  Like had I figured it out yet…?  Well…  What I do know is often we need to change patterns.  We do function on autopilot often (and don’t even realize).  Spirit guided me some time ago to write/right a wrong.  Oh have I had fun with this as I’ve written a lot.  This is a time to break the loop/pattern.  To make a new choice.  Zooming out and looking for clues may assist.  What have you overlooked before as it was placed there as a reminder/option.  The key is change.  And often the larger the degree of change = the larger degree that the Universe is right there assisting.  See if you now can see the one thing that is different (a door).

Oh lights and loves, it’s time to get in the JOY business.  New moon is basically here and this can be a harder time for some.  Often more discernment yet this can be done in hope, joy and gratitude.  Stay in your light/lane/energy.  I love you!!   and… thank you for reading and sharing your energy/wisdom here – better together.  Oh so much good to come!

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