Be light and happy go lucky

Okay… a check-in about the current energy.  I’d like to keep this, light.  And as I was about to write as I normally would, I found myself pausing – aware that some are on alert/heightened/sensitive.  Oh please breathe with me.  All.  Is.  Well.   We’ve rode these waves and into the unknown for years now.   Yes, it does seem different/pretty much non-stop… and that alone can be/seem overwhelming.  It can also be…

Simple… pure… real.  Disconnect and allow.  You are ready!

So I will say calmly that yes, many are feeling an amplification.  We’ve had 10 star burst in a week.  In a meditation I saw each as a stargate.  Stargates can be powerful and are often calls to remember and home.  They can be felt… often making one a bit high/floatie/having more intense mediations or possibly needing sleep.  We also have a mild geo-storm and oh 2018 and the consistent electron flux.  So one may also now feel:

  • Shaky/weak, funny/weird, unable or difficult to ground, hard to wake.
  • Then… hard to sleep, mind on overdrive (bless your mind and set it free), heart expanding, feeling full, itchy/dry skin… and this list could included many other possibilities.

This may take time to integrate.  (And yes, some have been in stages for a few weeks now.)  Keep it simple and stay hydrated.  And… if you notice food/beverage tastes different, while this may be temporary/normal, it might also be a sign that you need to assist in alchemizing/detoxing/balancing self.  A shot of apple cider vinegar may help or review diet.  At times we do crave salt/sweet/fat yet… we gotta take care of our vessel.  It’s undergoing huge transformation.

The traditional highs and lows/waves have been felt by many and very effective.  Much good can come.  Often the bliss is to enjoy, get things done and share.  It feels like freedom and what a great reminder.  The lows allow ones to slow down, love, see, release and to empower.  One knows or has an opportunity for great change as energy is restored.  And for some time we’ve also been trying to stabilize.  Yes it can be a bit challenging with the pretty much non-stop energy/integrations/life yet, we’re needed and being called.  I think of these waves as starting slow, getting faster and then/now, straight line.  As if from a vibration/sound wave to light.

For some, they will now be experiencing healing on a new level.  This is not about the past.  One doesn’t need to claim that the energy is making you sick/ill… allow it to make you well.  This level of healing/upgrade often comes with no story and may take faith/patience.

And… yes, we are also being shown any weak/sore spots… and places where we’re not being real/authentic to self.  And while discerning is often needing… so is thinking high, playing… and taking breaks (form the spiritual work) as you can.

Okay, this was meant to be a short one.  Please be loose/happy go lucky – definitely an option… have fun… and we’ll chat more soon.  ((  ❤  ))


P.S.  Numerous wind, rain and even unexpected snow storms here.  How have you weathered…?  Outside now (as I write this the night before), so still and the stars are amazing.  Oh the elements have been powerful reminders and energy exchanges.

And… if one is looking for answers online know that they’re a great starting point but may be a bit lower… feel your answer – may be much higher.  Your energy signature… share that!


P.S.S.  Light encoded stargates as that is a whole other post – wowziers!   We are working on the astral level!

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