Alrighty loves and lights!  The equinox is about balance… ahh… yet possibly a shift (and it may be a big one)… or switch.  For many, they’ve been integrating for weeks now.  And we can’t even fathom… just yet.

Often when we’re in it… we don’t always see… the totality… (and consistently).  Yet, we can breathe… know all is well, stay the course, observe/see what presents/surfaces and respect/love – self and others.  As we come back anew, to allow/appreciate/be in awe.  A special time and no need to rush; savor.

Perfect timing too, as we ain’t seen crazy yet, lol.  It’s just a lot of energy now and one might find that less is more… and pure.  True colors will be showing.  All of them… yet don’t take this too serious as some will be changing.  Don’t take anything as concrete – a lot of shifting these next two-three weeks and… a mercury retrograde (first one of 2018 – March 23 to April 15) will pull some in to evaluate/process/regroup.

This may also be a time of glitches with time/events/personalities/locations/etc.  And it may be a clue and interesting where energy does or does not match and where worlds collide or seem in alternate dimensions.  For some things though, it may be better not to make an issue/drama/a story/energy where really, there isn’t one.  Some just need time-space.  Many are feeling and in their process – levels of consciousness, different.

So… triggers or release may be needed to assist in alignment and embodying our next.  Whatever one experiences, think what’s the polar opposite.  That’s what you are/will get to.   😊   Oh so much of this is not personal yet taking it personal can aid in healing/heart opening.  Trust that each knows the energy/role they now need to be in.  And, allow all stories and timelines to change/upgrade/ascend.

I will also say that grounding may be an important part now.  In both the highs, lows and in between – rest or find a release.  Your body knows what to do – trust it.  Often a rest will reset/refresh.  At times though, as some of this is just bigger, it may take several rest/lucid/meditative/sleep cycles.

Oh don’t be afraid or block the blessings to come.  Can you feel…?  We also have reminders like time change, Spring, Good Friday, Easter.  Rising up… leaping ahead.  This is a time to come alive again.   To be real and gushing in love and joy.  One might not be feeling this yet… yet, it’s coming and now.   ❤

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