Easter or April Fools’ … ?


Ha!  Well, you know I love symbolism and this one does seem to be an interesting coincidence doesn’t it…?  So not, either/or… it’s both.  A first for many as the last time was in 1956… and, the next one in 11 years – 2029.  When Easter falls also ties into moon cycles.  And while not all celebrate Easter…

a special and sacred time.  Oh every moment is.  And, a reminder to have FUN with this journey.  When you think tarot, the fool card is often misunderstood/can hold many meanings.  It can mean a fresh new start/happy-go-lucky.

The energy’s been high since yesterday.  Early morning wake up calls. These can come as noteworthy dreams or messages.  Meditation may now also be more/powerful.  Yesterday I noticed more vision/seeing the unseen.

Spirit has also had some interesting whispers:  Apple of my eye, Pass with flying colors and word play like, in valid/invalid (gheez this word can hold heavy energy yet the definition just means, disabled by illness).  We are releasing dis ease.

There is this sense that a cycle has completed.  At times though this takes time to feel/see/experience.  That there’s now less blocks – that we are free – able to do more.  Blocks can be a wonderful things as they protect and guide us… yet, they have served.  And while there’s a time of striving for the higher path… I was also reminded that, all paths are equal.

There’s also been clarion/home frequency calls in regards to location (changes).  Location-location-location.  At times it does matter and always interesting where we’re placed.  They may be direct-knowing-no question or just planting the seed-possibility-teasers.  If it’s the later, ponder/explore.  It may be the process/getting you ready.  It may tie into sacred sights.  And sacred sights may not be what you think.  Check your guidance for more on this.  More will be seen/surfacing and our bodies (and possibly missions) have changed.

Ascending happens for many reasons.  It is a personal and collective process.  To restore one to their authentic self and to rid stagnation.  Oh for some it is a very though process.  A new cycle will be starting.  Trust it.  When we know, we go/do.  Until then, do what you love and remain open/allowing.  Well, we do all the time.

And… one may be a bit more hungry or puffy – our body is processing and the slim down will come.  Continue to care for your vehicle as we have many wonderful and vibrant miles ahead.

Much love and more later.  ((  ❤  ))

6 comments on “Easter or April Fools’ … ?

  1. Oh I do love this!! Wowziers is all I can say, other than being jerked back and forth, up and down…lol 😜
    Actually have thought, I’m losing my shit again, hahaha, I am!! The OLD shit…..Ottawa here, making MORE room for the NEW! 💖💫

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