Yes you can

… and are.  Oh loves and lights, are ya feelin it…?  This month does seem to have distinct energy.  And this is the point.  Change.  We have to… be moved… and, we are.  While I often write on the joy/bliss/amazement of this journey, I also try to be as real about the work/ohhh/what the… ??  Lol.  Oh please do laugh and hold in perspective.

This month… (hmm, year) has been about taking in as much light as each is able at this time.  That sounds divine and easy yet… it might not be.  It might require taking rainchecks/going slower, feeling off/ill, mind overload/bizarre or deep and often unexpected purges.  Releasing of the darker… and oh can clarity be found.

And… often we do feel the next/possible.  As if so close it will break through at any second and then… puff… it seems gone.  Like, what was all that about and where did it go…?  It can be heartbreaking yet this is about freeing up every cell in our body… every form/reality/illusion.  What is meant to be, will be.

So yes, some are weary.  This has been a heck of a process.  It can seem like a test of faith… yet it doesn’t have to be.  It is a marathon and we seem to be at about mile 18 and we’ve already hit the wall and had our second wind.  While the sag wagon is always an option, know that we’re all making it to the finish line.

In the meantime we offer support/connect… we allow/pull in… we do what presents personally.   And we livelaughlove.  The energy this year has been dynamic and non-stop… on task/point.


P.S.  I asked this afternoon why the, walking through wet concreate feeling.  I felt a smile and as if the response back was, we’ve asked for big changes, therefore we embody big light/higher frequency.  Oh this seems to be about permanent/in form changes.   ❤

14 comments on “Yes you can

  1. I’m trying to like your post but it won’t let me loll I’m logged in, but when I click ‘like’ a pop up opens (as if to log me in) & closes immediately. It’s with everyone’s blog, not just yours … I’m not experienced enough on WP to know why this is happening .. could it be cuz I have 2 sites? The & Like I was able to follow myself for some weird reason … It’s really buggin’ me, cuz I read many great blogs that I cannot ‘like’ & that sucks. But it lets me comment, so, I’m clueless loll
    Great blog 😉

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  2. ((❤️))…..oh SO MANY MOMENTS, OF WTF, and ya know what!? It’s just that, THICK as all get out, just wanna give up!! Then……boom, WE don’t, as we have been here before, just this time it’s catching some of us VERY TIRED. This too shall pass I tell myself, and then I get pissed off, and say WHEN, WHEN! I know this sounds dramatic, because it is!! Can’t sugar coat this massive intensity…..huh!? We try though…..I’m trying to find HUMOR, I really am!! But I’m not very happy at the back to back bolts of LIGHT ✨ that’s hitting me, lol……YEAP, we should be GLOWING by now! 😘 Love to US ALL ❤️

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