Growth… Accelerated


Short and sweet… the current energy is calm and auspicious.  The energy of the weekend though was high and may have been experienced in a variety of ways.  Oh there are so many ways to have a spiritual experience/life and I am honored to share just bits and pieces of a way.

The pattern after higher energy times is then a process of integrating that light.  It may be felt in a dip in mood/reality/body.  One will know what they need to do as you just can’t avoid or fake it.  Welcome what is and adjust accordingly.  The mind may wonder what was that all about/looking to see what’s tangible/wondering what’s next – calm and bless your mind as all is well.  Now can feels like freedom… and smiling/moving on/ready/appreciating/being so present/enjoying.

We really have had an energetic month… (ha year/s for that matter).  The more we can relax into the now/new normAnd… just days away we have a full moon/Easter/April Fun and that symbolism may remind/guide.  This will be for some a time of rapid change and growth… where all the piece come together and unfold.  Oh enjoy the beauty of this… and now.

Much love and more… later.  ((  ❤  ))


P.S.  The star bursts keep coming so one may continue to float/feel high.  It can be a time to create, dream, share and ground/keep it simple as needed.


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