Being… in a good place.


This is now definitely an option.  And… even better knowing one is in a… great place/space/energy.  This is not necessarily though about what is… yet a knowing and acknowledgement.  And to be able to do this now… as much is stirring.

It can feel special and personal as one can’t always control exterior/other forces.  Oh to see the beauty.

Some of the processes thus far this year have been a bit consuming yet… we also regroup/center/ground and remain open to unlimited possibilities.  Personally I like surprises yet this word can at times can also mean/bring the not so ideal surprises.  Well… this is a time of elevated thinking/mood/being as we are alchemists and it’s not always how we think… and, gifts can present in unusual ways.

As one observes, they might see the push.  At times pushing is needed (as in labor) yet… we can’t force.  Knowing… natural… flowing… being open.  Many have been asked to work on an issue/situation – to just do their best.  And then, one let’s go…  Free up the energy.  Allow it to shift/rise… or even become no thing… on it’s own.  In this additional possibilities can come.  One walks on a new path verses a predestined one (that often comes with lessons one needs).  Oh we are to walk the joy/fun/lighter/free path.

So… I invite you into this energy and state of being.  Ahhh… to be in a good place.  We are.  Much love.


P.S.  Yes… the body marathon continues yet I will say has been more gentle/subtle these past few days, lol, a small reprieve.  This can also include organs and spine.

And… at times is it good to take a break so I may be posting less over the next two weeks.  To be present.  The visionary is a bit curious what’s this years 4/11 gate.  Yet… so much can and will happen between now and then.  Let’s enjoy!


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