Oh loves and lights… how are you?  The energy of today is lovely… delightful… uplifting.  Feel it…?  Oh I hope so.  The past doesn’t matter and neither does the future.  Just now.  Just this.  Enjoy.  Because yes, it would be easy to wonder/worry/stress/over do.

If one has been in an accelerated/intense energy thus far in this awe mazing month of April, be sure to ground/clear and open up to the unlimited.  Energy doesn’t lie… trust and follow it.  It can become simple… pure… pristine.  And, oh a grateful heart will beat.

There may be a mild geo storm starting tomorrow and it may last several days.  The 411 gate.  See what presents.  The forecast is predicting two milder/a bit of geo unrest – solar wind this month.  One may notice other’s become a bit amped up.  Some will float/have more lucid dreams/those special or whooo spiritual moments/energy to get a project done.  Clarity/answers should also come – appreciate each (baby) step, puzzle piece and a-ha.  For many, a shift in roles/duties/contracts… and hopefully done in respect/reverence/ease/knowing.  It may be quite different – welcome freedom, a surprise… and change.

So… for now this will be short and sweet.  Thank you for reading, hug… and ❤

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