a new layer of truth


Oh have we been both working though a series of realities… and illusions!  We continue to be called to be present, appreciate and remind/elevate situations, too.  New adventures and paths have opened.  Joyous gathering, too.  It may though…

feel like going up… and down a mountain.  And some paths may seem unknown/untamed, thick… messy…  not as clear as one may have thought/hoped it would be.  At times we follow and other times forerun/blaze trails.  It’s like we’re given an assignment and work it to our best ability and then… let go.  We regroup/open up/see and then venture on again.   Step by step, day by day.  And hmm, I think of the serenity prayer.

This is a time to take all that we’ve learned in our life and even more so, spiritual journey and use it now.  To include self-care, meditation, signs, dreams, divine neutrality, patience/trust/knowing, alchemy and unconditional love.

Many of us in ways were removed (years ago), protected and taught. We reconnected, remembered and changed.  We returned to what we’ve always been.  For many, as we had time to do our personal work, we became aware, clear and healed/whole.  Then it may have been time to work with immediate family in a new way… then to extended family/friends… and this pattern may continue to ripple out.  While it’s an honor to work in the higher planes, to also apply/be right here and now.

This really is a Mastery year of 11 and I can now see the work done last year (and the years prior to that) was to get us ready. While many of us have walked the walk and talked the talk, when we can be this in every ounce and moment… wowziers. What an amazing process/story/journey.  Ease and grace do come.

If one finds themselves needing rest… silence… space… to veg or zone out… possibly for hours/a day… trust. A mind may not engage/understand yet the whole body may feel the loading of the next (template).  It can be so subtle or be felt/experienced as a zero point, holding space and just being/breathing.  In the past I’ve also felt when I needed to watch tv/movies or sit in nature.  I do sense we’ve been well prepare for whatever joy comes next.  For some, they may have been quite busy doing and now is a time to reflect and re-evaluate (… or possibly vice-versa).

And, there may be a moment/reminder of where one is till seeking externally… verses internally.  This is for healing and to change the script on an old story.  In taking a step back one may see where a story has served/lesson learned and one is now even more capable/whole.  Spirit seems to know how to find any weaker spot.

I could also say that for me, the need… or moments to write have been significantly less here lately and such a peace with this.  So I will as I can.  This journey is very much continuing… happening… and I smile.  We may have a bit of geo-unrest/solar wind later in the week…. and the embodying that was intense for most of 2018 has been less these past two+ weeks.  A lot of dream guidance and new moon time can also have some releases.

So… enjoy… climb every mountain… and be open to be touched and moved in such a way…   oh truth will do this.  Peace and ❤


P.S.  Often our peace/piece is drawn to highly energetic situations and this is for a reason… oh could be many.  To aid in our healing/release/lesson, to elevate, stabilize/neutralize…


10 comments on “a new layer of truth

  1. Whoa! Right on target!! I’m straddling the dimensions like crazy wild….things disappearing, showing right back up where I knew it to be, throwing my hands up and going wtf…oh and time lapse, day ahead, day behind….lol….it’s fun, now that I Get It…❤️Ya, and thanks for sharing your Amazing Wisdom! ✨💫

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