We are


Good morning (now) Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Guardians, Forerunners… (oh this list could get long).  Yup this weekends solar wind and how our body is receiving/adjusting has been interesting… possibly eye opening. 

As if a flip of a switch from the lower planetary K/possibly working through a denser reality (that needed our light)/what seemed like a slower time to solar wind/geostorm this weekend.  At times this gives us an extra boost of energy and/or spiritual experiences and… can leave one wire-tired, too – particularly when it goes on for several days (like this weekend).  This round (for me) has been ease and peace during the day (verses a burst of energy) yet very busy/energetic nights.

Over the years I’ve had issues with winding down/falling asleep.  I think part of the point was not to go back to sleep.  While not so much now, oh the past three nights – being awakened almost hourly.  A mix of experiences-crossover-messages, feeling the energy, upgrades/changes, clearing, more clearing and awakening the next layer.

As I was falling asleep last night, I could feel as if my body was now holding in its essence 111 new truths that I couldn’t even put words too… yet.  A fog had also covered the area late yesterday and this is often a sign for me to go slow (our mind will catch up to the understanding).

Solar wind can assist us in awakening… even more. And there may be more over the next day or so and then around the 17th.  If you feel these, stay hydrated, keep it simple and I often note much that seems random yet all weaves together – our next.  Are we having fun yet…?  I am smiling.

[  will also mention one may feel a more rapid heart beat, awake in a sweat – eating light/lower sodium may assist as at times we do crave salt, etc.  ]

Signs and dreams continue to remind.  All sorts of beautiful and unexpected seems to be showing/popping up.  New truth may also be surfacing.

This also may be a time of seeing or not playing the blame game.  That would be duality – something/one has to be right or wrong.  Think, win-win for all.  Shift verses add to an drama energy and/or elevate.  This is a time of dropping older realities and the next may be a small or significant change – both perfect.

This time can feel like a death… rebirth… transition/passage.  Oh another wave is awakening, too, and for many of us, we awaken even more.  We may need to doula self during this time; self-care.  The newer/higher frequencies can be a wowziers for the body.  It can at times even feel like illness – please allow it though to make you well.

This is a time to be in hearts space… possibly have a heart to heart/be in unity… and be flexible.  Stay in love and service.  We are… changing.  It is happening.  Step by step we grow and glow.

Namaste.  ❤

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