Spiritual Tenacity

Okay, first a quick energy update.  We’ve had solar wind-mild geostorms over the past five days and one forecasted on the 17th.  One may be fine one minute and then needing to rest/integrate the next.  The mind may not understand some moments.  For me these are times of not so much…

doing yet allowing/seeing what surfaces/often feels like personal-inner work.  It can also feel like a template wipe (oh we’ll be shown if anything is holding us in place) and unfolding of the new blueprint (yet we don’t know the details yet).  We have done the work in the choices we’ve made.  We changed, too – a lot.  One of my signs is a lower body ache/weak in the knees and yup, let’s say goodbye to the old.

For those of you who read along… ya know me.  Many aspects yet I am a Virgo (planned/organized), a Visionary (and often dream much and big) and a Forerunner of the next and new terrain.  Also pretty Zen and present most of the time, too.  In the now often = in the know.  So there are times to push/get it done/leap… and, times to chill/allow/appreciate/be.  In the past, I’ve chuckled as I’ve looked back on this blog.  In one moment, go-go-go… and then pretty quickly followed by a pause/go slow.  That can be the nature of this journey.

I’ve been noting messages these past few days and often do weave the themes into posts and at times note the message as I receive, which will be the case for this one.  Please do fill in your own blank. 😊

Your desire to   ___________  

is your dream…

and often a block/wall all at the same time. 

So… how does one resolve this? 

When a desire wells up in you… and fills every cell of your being…

this would be law of attraction.  You use the power of your mind, vision and heart.  Your aura, essence and energy field. 

You just have to let go of the old way… which has been the only way you’ve known… yet this is the point.  What you desire will come… and in a new way.  Inconceivable.  So let go of the old way of thinking/doing how it will happen; so ingrained in you.  Free up your energy to be guided, reminded… surprised.  Let go… breathe… and trust.  What you desire just can’t come in ways/realities/vibration of the past. 

It will just happen and… in you, you know this.

The word given was, tenacity.  And I smiled.  Oh we are.  Blessing my loves and light… sweet dreams and more tomorrow/now.  ❤

8 comments on “Spiritual Tenacity

  1. Ah yes, resonates very much. The message I received early this week “all old is new again”. There has also been moments of doubt, but that too must be let go. Had a dream this week with my mother saying to me “get out of the way”. Still passing on her wisdom from the other side. Thank you Molly for sharing who you are.

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    • Oh I love this dream (and with Mother’s Day this weekend)! Thank you for sharing! Ties in perfectly and yes, I too have been reminded this by Spirit (and needed it!) LOVE ya soo!! And sync… on tv literally said “get out of the way” as I was typing – o.m.g. WOW ❤


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