Until one makes peace with…


It.    Whatever the it may be.

So fill in your _____ blank/issue yet also, a few examples:

Until one makes peace with… a thought… an action… a worry… or fear

A longing… a reality

Sadness… loss… grief… death

The not so good kind of surprises… not always knowing… fear.

That life isn’t always fair… organized… controllable… convenient… easy

Enough of what one so desires

Until one makes peace with… illness… and, this could include the physical part of ascension/upgrades that many feel and can be at times challenging on the body.  To even include the highs that may become a bit over the top (my advice-ground as soon as you can).  Till one makes peace with how the collective ascension is unfolding… 😊

Until there is peace, often issues/themes will resurface… again and again.  All for us to get a bit closer to remembering… to knowing and feeling.  Peace… ahh, sweet peace and perfection.

It’s not that things -others, situations, life- won’t affect us… trip us up… trigger.  It’s just that we more quickly acknowledge… and make/create/are peace.  The how one makes/becomes peace is a very individual choice/process.  It may be easy, quick, natural or, take time.  It may be found in meditation, seeing a broader and higher view, living from heart space, forgiving self… or another.  Peace is always there… always an option.  Peace can be found in a simple breath.  With peace anything is possible.  Oh this is indeed a Mastery year of 11.    ❤

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