Be in relationship with the journey


Yup!  The energy is kicking this morning.  Multiple energy sources, too.  So it runs the gamut.  One may be feeling (heat, heart racing, lower body ache, etc.).  The mind releasing a plethora of random thoughts.  Feeling/dreaming a stronger Spirit connection – if even for just a few minutes.  One may also be experiencing or observing…

Some are experiencing harsh realities now.  And this is for a reason.  An invitation to/for change.  And change is a wonderful thing yet at times we’re a bit stubborn.  So it’s not that one needs to work harder… just different.  Some are in much pain right now (both obvious and hidden).  We don’t lecture during these moments.  We listen… we hold… we love.  One may be called to just hold space for another.  This can be done energetically or in form/reality.

We are building our spiritual resiliency… in more ways than one.


And yes, there is a peace and ease vibe very much present.  Sublime.

I awoke this morning thinking on how this journey is a relationship.  A relationship with self, others and the unknown.  Can we be patient, kind, supportive, a cheerleader/fan, give the benefit of the doubt… to the process?  I reflected on that new relationship feeling.  When you so feel it.  You glow.  Your giddy.  You’d naturally do anything for that special someone.  It just feels so right and is a energy all in itself.  Well… that would be this and now.  Please give yourself this gift… now.  Feel it… share it… be it.

And happy Divine Mother’s day weekend.  Oh we all are.  We nurture, care for, love, persevere, forgive.  We are the glue yet often unseen (spirit like).  And yes, we do shine in many moments, too.  While this is a weekend to acknowledge and celebrate, this can also be a tough weekend for many; woman (and men) who have lost/longings.  I often find Mother’s and Father’s Day weekends (well, every day) a great time to just be aware/available – listen, hug another in line, hand out a flower.  This is an amazing journey and it is better, together.  ❤


P.S.  Activations/upgrades are happening.  Gifts.  They can be subtle/unknown/not all are shown-told.  Patience/self-care as often they build in layers and then in time – Voilà.


#married to the journey.  married to your life… to you and all.  🙂  ❤

6 comments on “Be in relationship with the journey

  1. Oh what a tough few days, I do hope I can ‘spring back’, as I am feeling such a despair of this whole journey!! Like, seriously Spirit!? How can I be of service to anyone that may need me…how!!? Oh the pity party is on!
    I love you Molly ❤️

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    • And I love you. The energy I felt was, failure. I welcomed it. Because failure = success (once we release and alchemize/flip it) and we are ready for that. These are the moments that no one warned me on – not all of this is easy or fun yet very effective. ❤ ❤

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