Freedom and Creation

Ahhh now…  I didn’t think I had much to share yet as I glanced at my notebook, I then found myself here typing away.  Mother’s Day may have brought an invitation for some to grown more (or in a new way) into their matriarchal role.  And hmm, necessity… the mother of all creation. 

There are many ways and situations we are now being called into being and service.  For some this is a time to bond with Spirit… self… family… community… Mother Earth.  And silence can provide the platform for amazing a-ha’s to appear.  This morning as I watched the sunrise, I was greeted by several bee’s.  A good reminder.  Just be.

Some may be seeing another side of a situation.  Oh how truth can change.  So one may also find that they’re going to another extreme of their own feelings/response.  And one may stay here a moment.  The goal though is to come back to center.  To balance, merge and allow the truth/essence to surface and naturally be.  And in the process, priorities may change.  We are changing lifelong patterns.

Some remember/went through the stage of when live was turned upside down, inside-out and foundations were jack hammed/removed.  A complete dismantling of the old.  This is often followed by a time of floating in the unlimited.  Some, after much time, find a new foundation and core.  This is the new life one has built for self, with unlimited potential.

This will be a time for many to see and possibly awaken from the difference between what is wanted… thought and, what is real.  For some the difference is… much… and can spark a dark night/despair.  Not all can go here – The brave.  And in time, through willingness and change, peace will be found.

I’ve received several brief yet interesting messages/perspectives/themes-lessons and just share:

❤  That a spiritual path is what one does when no thing else makes one feel whole.

Ahh… and a spiritual path is what one continues.  I could compare this to weight loss.  We find a way and work it.  Yet then we also (learn to) maintain.   Something as simple as breath work can also make one feel whole.  I was reminder this is why some take such a great last breath.

❤  At times illusions do burn off.  If one is willing to walk into the “fog”… clarity can come.  At times though, a reality is a reality.  Now, can one make peace with a reality…?  Oh yes, one can continue to work in a higher energy and yup, it can change.

❤  While we are dreaming our next, we are living our dream.  At times it’s good to pause and realize this.  Striving for the next is a good thing, yet so is appreciating the now.  One may notice the pattern of just as one gets/has/acquires the vibration, a whole new option presents.  Yet… this doesn’t necessarily mean that one needs to take it.  Maybe pondering or settling in verses jumping to the next (possible challenge) can be a good thing.

This seems to tie into often lightworkers are first responders.  We are keenly aware – we know, feel and have experienced.  We are used to moving and shaking and shinning our light.  Yet there is also just a peace from knowing all is well and this can be simple.  We do… out of habit and when we realize this… we then examine this.  We also often do out of obligation, need… and out of and in love.  And one can also examine each of these.  Complete = Complete.

❤  I remember some time ago hearing the saying that one should find a soul mate that doesn’t excite them/more friend like.  It caused me to pause and wonder.  I mean, don’t we like chemistry?  And if one has had a twin (flame) relationship, one may be looking for that wow/electricity.  Yet then, I got it.  This is about unconditional love.  And if one hasn’t found self/unconditional love, then they’ll be a magnet to… looking for reminders, that spark, the form (another) and often this may come with lessons, and at times is The illusive.

❤  A theme of being, triangulated.  So then one meets with both “parties” and neutralize or merge and elevate the energy.

❤  I was also thinking on a teaser message I’d received.  And how I’d let it come and go.  Yet then I realized in the past this was just the sort of message that I’d peruse.  Often messages unfold over days/weeks yet this time I realized I didn’t need to know more on the topic.  I was happy/whole… and if it was to be, I’d then be delightfully surprised and enjoy.  Pursuing just didn’t seem to bring joy.


We are on a new path… to our new found freedom, where nothing holds us in place.  One may even be able to feel and know this now.  All paths are equal… yet which one will you choose?  What is your next amazing spark and moment of creation…?



P.S.  Please know that the ones who attack/”attack” us are the ones who need love the most.  Anger, fear, misunderstanding.  They need an outlet/to be heard and… love!!  They can trigger another… all to help us each know wholeness and unconditional love.



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