You, Us… and the next

Oh loves and lights… how are we doing?  Good I hope.  Can we just go ahead and elevate now though…?  Word choice like supper, awesome and a big smile!  These are though interesting times… aren’t they…?  For those ascending/so feel the Universe’s nature-patterns, this may be a time of physically upgrading, mental-emotional and/or some reality work.  It may or may not be as conscious…. obvious… or feeling the knowing/detail/being in Mastery.  At times is can feel like clearing/purging and the need to be patient.  And this may very well weave into as we’re assisting others and the collective.

It may be a time to hold space.  Oh we humans are really good at filling up space.  For some space can feel like boredom/lack/uncertainty and cause anxiety verses comfort.  Holding space though is a way to allow creation to come into form.  We take a pause/break from the busy.  At times we forget and tend to fill it up too quickly.  Now makes for a great time to meditate (verses doing)… and meditating on no thing.  If something needs to come to mind, it will.  And in a breath, one can feel comfort, peace and love.  Ahhh…

As often in this journey, choice-free will is an important gift we have.  We choose our mood – attitude and intentions-path.  It may or may not be leaping forward/as easy as one would desire yet…  Well, the forecast is for a solar wind/geo-storm June 1st-5th.  In just 11 magical days.  For some now is the calm-reprieve before the next (geo)storm.  Other’s won’t even need to think on such as every moment is ours and extraordinary.

So, let’s see what shows up at our doors… and which doors we’ll choose to open and enter.  All energy.  This is a time to make sure that we’re clear and light.  All flows from this.  Care for self… care for others… and be in  ❤ .

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