Divine… and simple


Just a quick check-in.  While I started other posts, decided to keep this simple.  It may seem quiet… calm… and this is a good thing.  Yet if I could also tell you the amount of healing, upgrading, shifting, ending… and fun/celebration/new beginnings that are and will unfold from the current work/play/energy.  A mazing!

The current energy seems subtle yet the body reminds.  One may feel these mini bursts of energy and then followed by a need to just chill.  Often the work is in the inside first.  The forecast is for a geostorm/solar wind for the first of June, so yes, the energy will be shifting/changing, too.

So just a few themes/perspectives to pass along:

A-ha’s – understanding – seeing/letting go/healing – clearing in… relationships.  And one may even come to the word choice of, what was:  toxic/unhealthy/dysfunctional/wounded/misunderstoodA rapid acceleration can happen after this as often one has been stuck in trauma/a reality that breaks free/vibration.  The wounded child (aspect) has been healed.  Allow the truth/a different perspective to set you free.

Victim, guilt and judgment checks and tune-ups have also been running.

And often we know/feel something.  Yet I am discovering that we know as we’ve already been/done.  Now is about getting us to the new.  The not yet done.  We really are and continue to get up to speed with what we came here to do.  Feel as if you’ve already gone through many possibilities/lifetimes…?   What was the dream/goal may now again be changing.

There is this renewed energy… for the now/future.  This may or may not come with a plan/detail yet a knowing or general outline… and that it will be different yet good.  Very good.

So for now… a very special energy.  An ease.  I hope all are feeling.  ❤

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