Energy signatures have changed

Smiling!  This latest step has though indeed been interesting.  A time to clear the slate/cut cords/be open-available-neutral and… into the new/unknown we go.  For me/many, this is about the body.  It has been for several years yet… now, even more.  We had to learn to allow/rest/listen and trust our body and the process. 

So while there are many ways to describe, our energy signature is like a pen… that is mightier than the sword.  It could be described as our essence/aura/blueprint/dna/ purpose, etc.

Rests/meditations have both been full of visuals and so vague/random that I often just let it all come – go – be.  It’s as if really we don’t need to do anything.  Just honor… and trust.  For years (and as needed) we do the “work” and now we just allow the energy and our bodies to sync.  And while for many, upgrades are gentle/divine/uplifting… they can also be tough on our body/mind.  Relax, breathe and receive.

[ Not all feel the physical body changes or to the extremes.  It can go way beyond the ascending 101 list of symptoms.  If you have questions, comment (sharing is caring/better together) or send a message .  I’ll be happy to share my perspective/support… and that is all it is.  This becomes a very personal journey and we learn to cultivate and trust our own guidance/inner knowing/body.  We are all teachers, students and work/play/sing/dance to empower all.  And isn’t it great that now we have so many references as to the possibilities one may experience. ]

So there many be several rounds of coming on and offline.  Feeling the need for rest-time-space-silence and then a burst of energy… that may not last long.

Our energy is everything… and it’s changing yet again.  What an amazing feeling.  Change your energy, change your life… as well as this wonderful planet that we walk and co-create on.  ❤


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