Clearing work


If you follow along here, you know I write in a variety of styles.  I believe all ways/paths/moments serve.  Some are a knowing/connection to a higher vibe and the words easily flow… and some are the in the trenches work that we do.  When I started this blog…

many personal stories and at times I do still share.  And there was definitely a stage (and moments still) of, I am not so sure about this but… this is what I am experiencing or doing homework on.  Both this blog and amazing journey have become about, more … and not much of it’s personal… as in a story/attached/rooted/invested/truth-has to be this certain way.  It’s about sharing/offering a perspective and… change.  Constant change – so no need to hold on to much, lol.  It becomes truly a light journey.

So I started to write this post yet paused.  At times posts like this (particularly the past year or so) end up falling to the wayside.  Yet, I revisited and decided to publish as it seemed to weave with other recent posts… and pieces of the process.  Often other’s shy away from the “process” posts (that can get a bit wordy/for a reason).  Can’t blame as we all just want to know, all is well.  Well, it always is!  Brave and wise though are those who are willing to go into the shadows…  to resurface with more understanding and able to show a lighter/higher perspective.  So thank you for reading and being willing to go there.

For years, many of us had enlightening full moons.  Mostly in energy/a-ha’s.  Yet this past one for me was very much in reality.  We’re getting up to speed/vibration in certain and more areas of our life.

At times on the journey, energy/situations just seem amplified.  I can compare it to… driving on a road that you know and the traffic is light.  It’s a breeze, right?  Yet change a few dynamics like not knowing the road, heavy traffic… and let’s add a downpour of rain.  You put your lights on, slow down, do the best you can… but one may need to pull off and take a break to avoid an accident.

As always, a variety of wonderful energies are available yet there is unstable energy (and possibly even a, state of emergency energy) that one may feel/experience.  Proceed in caution and choose wisely.

Like, ever wondered why a series of not so good events happen?  Like the hits just keep coming.  A certain set-point/vibe will attract a series of events if needed.  The sooner one can take the hint and pause/regroup, the better.  Otherwise, they may keep coming.  Now is not about being strong, pushing on or enduring.  It’s about change.  So when a crisis/”wall” appears, it’s for a reason.  We can beat our head against the wall… scale the wall, break down the wall… take a different path… or allow it to fade/be removed.  It may be an illusion.

At times there is an ending.  The ending feels as if something was taken from us without explanation/understanding/knowing/support/love.  A soul can stay stuck in this vibe… for a lifetime.  Often the human soul will be reminded/elevated once they have crossed over.  Yet now, we do this here.  We become whole… see/feel/understand that it did happen, as it was to be.

I will say… trust your body.  I am even learning the importance of this on a deeper level.  It will give you many signs.  When to go/do… when to rest… and much more.  Our body will warn us where we’re not a vibrational match… like are you sure you want to go/do/enter this energy?  And some of the energy entry points can feel narrow (like a birth cannel).  This seems to tie into an interesting theme/ripple.  Fear, Anxiety and even, PTSD.  All real, worthy of capital letters and great moments to examine… as in times, it’s energy to push through and get to the other side… to see what was false.  Yet at times, it’s energy to remind one to pull in/keep it simple/become whole/heal.

We do need to figure out if the fear is real/keeping us safe or… false.  So some of the intertwining elements may be:  safety, comfort, consistency, choices and where/when did the initial vibe start from.  And… where and why do we take risks, go out of our way… and, why/why not.

Some of us were born in fear.  We seemed to pick up on the vibration as early as in the womb.  (Thank goodness for those with amazing doula’s/medical staff/family/inner knowing).  We may have chosen to come and experience/play/dance/release fear.  To make peace with… fear.  Our lightbody though can’t function from fear.  There’s no place for this energy.  We don’t feed or carry out actions on this frequency.

So while many of us had a round (years ago) clearing depression/anger/anxiety/fear/etc.  … another wave may come.  It is and is not personal.  Ironic as some of us never experienced anxiety until we started our spiritual journey.  I’ve also observed many of our youth/teens experience anxiety.  Could anxiety be your body’s vibration… asking you to pick a different vibe/path/people/places…?

And many of us have been called to places/people/grids/elements/energy.  Yet now some may feel a shift.  To stay put and allow it to come to them… and this is to include anything.  We’ve dabbled here for a while doing the energy work yet, the more tangible is coming.

I also wanted to mention PTSD (a broad topic and this is just a glance/opening).  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… just look at the words… slowly/individually.  It is a stuck energy.  Being brought to the edge… of comfort/safety.  An event that was out of order of what a mind could process/understand.  It encoded/focuses on the negative/overload verses the now/positive/expanded view (that one survived/lived).  This energy can be processed/shifted yet it may take time/support/visualization… and an enormous amount of self-love and patience.  What one needed in that moment/during that time was simple… love.

The release of it may be messy and could scare others.  It can’t just be forgotten/numbed.  To be able to release (words/screams/tears/nightmares/journaling-artwork/physical like boxing/etc.) and loved and supported through it.  Often PTSD is labeled/avoided/misunderstood and can trigger caregivers/family/friends as the person is trying to live and heal through it.  Again, this is a process and not personal for the surrounding – let’s talk about being (an example of) unconditional love.

Some of us now are being asked to release or assist in the release of the PTSD dna gene codes… as it has no place on New Earth.  And the same could be said for anger, sadness, envy, etc.  This is an emotional, mental (brain rewiring, gaining comfort zone), physical, spiritual and reality process.  It may happen quickly or one may be guided by Spirit on many levels.  Trust your process as it is worth it.  You are worth it.

[  And it may just be that for some of us we needed to have these experiences to be taught and then we need to tune up/in/adjust.  I’ll also mention a self-guided meditation on the body and fear may be helpful.  Feel and heal.  Possibly several when you think on all that has been taught/happened/in our energy field.  Let me know if you’d like me to type up an example.  ]


Oh 2018!  A great energy started the year and then back-to-back energy body adjustments/work.  Many of us in addition worked a theme (or two or three) for several months.  We live-laugh-love, too.  And then this latest pulse.  The signs are always interesting to observe, too:  differences in time and terms/disclosure/privacy settings being updated.  The solstice shift is coming though.  And some shift are bigger than others.  June offers the opportunity for a new opening/invitations.  And yes, this is about our energy.  Everything is being elevated.  And some things will need to stay in place/as is.  Yet… we’ll need to let go/allow.  We continue to rise.  We can’t bring in the new/next when we work from/hold on to the old.  Ready… … ?  I say, yes.

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