You don’t have to go home but…

you can’t stay here.  I know.  Interesting choice of words since this is about being, home… and present in the here and now.  It does though seem to be the current energy.  Ushering us a bit into the next.

And it can be like… Yippie!  or… sweeping/dragging a bit.  Relax, breathe and we got this.  Remain open.  Trust the process.  Just float.

So sharing a few possible reminders:

❤  some are leaving their comfort zone and this is a good thing.

❤  Often one has to be in a certain vibration to see.  Are you in ease, joy… bliss?  Or in the mind/overthinking/worry/stress/busy?

❤  We’re not waiting on the next… we are being with the now (and next).

❤  The word choice of, spiritual integrity… devotion.  Oh we are.

❤  Many are being saved for a special time/place.  Until then, know how special you are and take good care of self and those who do surround you.  If you find yourself in a situation that isn’t working/changing, check in with your body.  Does one continue… or, let go.  Which feels better?

Vibes and tribes are changing.  Often though before this happens a period of isolation/loneliness/ungrounded/feeling of not being included may be felt.  Yet… it can feel like… Freedom!  And this is one of the greatest gifts of the journey.  Not to be motivated or driven can be a good thing.  We function from knowing/love/passion/peace.

And with this new energy… it may feel like a reset… a time of clarity.  Or a whole new set of questions may arise.  I can remember back years ago asking three questions.  What I thought were simple.  Ha!  It seemed to spark 111 more.  This journey is never-ending/unlimited… so enjoy/smile/pace self.

And… another interesting saying:  Jack/Jill of all trades yet Master of/to none.  Oh many of us are being cross-trained yet again.  Hybrids.  So many aspects and it all forms into one.  We are Masters/in our Mastery yet don’t need to be Masters… (as I am also aware that this word choice can signify other meaning – oh words – a gift, privilege and at times an invitation for union/understanding).

The body is busy for many and this seems to be all that one can do at times.  Honor.  One will know/feel the ease of when they can get back “online”.  There is a great/overwhelming in a good way, heart opening and union energy that can be experienced.  And… the veils may seem less/thin – high spirit activity.

Let’s all be in love, light, gratitude and service.  Namaste.  ❤

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