Rewriting our code

Some time ago I received a message on writing… and just to.  Oh many of us do write – the love/passion/it just flows.  I though never thought or intended to be a spiritual writer… it just happened.  In my process, often it’s been about the write, realize (or vice versa) and release.  As if the next didn’t start until a sharing or note (to other self’s) was sent. 

Often in the journey a theme will start.  The latest one for me has been on epigenetics, genes/dna and the spiritual process.  An understanding and perfect timing as some more recent questions have surfaced.  We live the journey… have faith and are guided/have a knowing, yet at times it’s good to pause and question.  So bear with – as what may seem like rambling – we’ll get there.  😊

I was pondering… thinking on much of this journey is about healing.  Yet this stage seems to morph into others.  We clear our (this life) wounds/pain/karma… and this alone is a huge step.  It takes time and bravery.  Many never do.  It may happen in a period of time or over a lifetime.  There are many ways and one will find their own unique way.  A surprise step to many is also clearing the generational/lineages of lower vibe stuff… and (if that wasn’t enough)… also add the collective/an area/random as well.

After a while, one may wonder… will it end… change?  As some moments seem like the max a body can withstand.  Well… the good news is, this is the amount of light that we can pull in (the intensity).  So… does one continue to help self and humanity in this way?  Or what is the reason/purpose… now?  And, how much longer…?  since many of us years ago and continue to have some pretty amazing ideas/plans/ways we desire to live, assist and be in service.

Honestly, we can’t place this amazing process in time.  Our minds might not like the answer and slow down the process if we knew.  It is a walk of faith, into the unknown and yup, in moments can feel like a test/initiation.  I can say, trust the process and body.  It knows what it’s doing.  The body work (intensity) is not forever yet, may be for years and this is for many reasons (not going to list in this moment).  We are though literally rewriting our genetic code.  Some time ago I remember writing about our blueprints (a somewhat common spiritual word) yet now it’s becoming very real.

I’ll also share this form a previous postWe are born with all that we need.  Certain genes turned on (and off).  Then certain situations happens and this can reinforce certain/more genes to turn on and off.  Then we take time to heal and allow our dna/genetics/blueprint to change.  And… we can turn on and off what we need in our amazing body.

So I could say the purification process – on an emotional, mental and/or physical level – can change/end dis ease in the body.  We do create a light/er body.  How we treat our body – thoughts, emotions, what we do and don’t do – all of this affects our dna.  And understanding and joy helps us to relax and allow.

It’s also a higher vibrational thing.  Not just the frequencies (that seem as if ) incoming/being sent to us… yet more that our entire body feels/knows/registers/does on it’s own – here and now.  Our body is going through a mack daddy tuning… to access other/more frequencies.

Now more than ever, many are in body.  Checking-in/listening/honoring.  Within minutes of arising and throughout the day, we can feel what we need to do/adjust.  So this part may be a bit tricky for the go-go-go lightworker.  We have free will and can play in any reality we want.  It’s not that one is on hold or will miss out on anything if you do push on in a certain way.  It’s just there’s an invitation now for a higher/different path/process.

There are may ways and stages in this journey and they also merge/overlap.  For some stages of:

  • Lightworker – and one is just this.  A light… cheerleader, inspiration, joy.  May also be a seeker of knowledge and are happy to share what they find.  I love lightworkers and we all are.  They may go/seem dark, yet I say, wise.  There is nothing to fear.
  • Awakening – like a lightening bolt/defining moment, spiritual connection becomes stronger/wide open – a lot of energy.  This is not necessarily a moment – it can last for some time.
  • Ascending – in energy and yes, this would include the descending times where one applies the higher frequencies to the best of their ability to their current reality.  And ascending symptoms/body work starts and slowly intensifies.  This can last a lifetime or be a stage/process.   The ups/downs/waves… and finding peace and grace.
  • Embodying – In ways this happens again and again.  One can embody their soul, higher self, twin, divine feminine/masculine, Christ/Crystal/Elementals.  It may be felt as a glorious union/reunion… hero’s journey… or, a death and rebirth.
  • Living – This is the glue and everyday.  The way/journey and why we are here.  At times one can get so focused on/in a process/energy, grounding back into a reality and joy is also important.
  • Regeneration/restoration –  A way to describe is when one comes out of healing (yet will do if/as needed) and any other previous mentioned stage/process and allows… the body time, support and love to do what it needs to do.  This can include awakening our “junk” dna, going from carbon based to crystalline silicon (a past post and to write more soon as understanding of this common spiritual phrase deepens)… and, simple… rest.

So… we keep writing… (change your thoughts/energy, change your life).  One can keep private or share – doesn’t matter.  In the writing… we are righting our dna.   Change your genes, change your reality.  ❤

10 comments on “Rewriting our code

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  2. Yay, I get to report my dream. In the dream I was taken to see this being. I asked him if I could get plastic surgery to be more of the ideal body type and he stopped and looked at the inside of me than said, “No need the D.N.A. is good.” I got the feeling that once my D.N.A. activated I would naturally start losing weight and also grow longer legs. Currently I am a mix between the tall genes and short genes. Both my Grandpas were tall and both my Grandmas were short. So here I am with a long torso and neck, but my legs and arms are shorter so just average height.

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  3. “Our body is going through mack daddy tuning…” You can say that again. My body, DNA, and awareness is changing so often and so deep that I’m barely able to function many days. The challenge is being married to a man who isn’t spiritually awake, who doesn’t understand fundamentally what’s going on with me, and despite being as supportive as he can, is really struggling in his own right. But I’ve taken steps to help him. Just won’t happen until the end of this month.

    Just reread your last sentence. Funny that in my case, I see it as “ change my internal reality, change my genes.” Thank you for writing!

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    • Many of us have beloved’s/family/friends/community that are assisting in grounding us and thank goodness. This is a huge shift for all and we will all get “there”. During these bigger energy shifts this is where the simple comes in and to love and support self and those who are in the inner circle of that energy. It is a special time. Thank you for your words – I loved reading this!! ❤ and HuG

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