Through the heart

All these words flow.  A variety of small sharing’s and here we go…

The synchronicities have been high and yippee… a sign we’re in alignment.  I will also mention some may be feeling a gut check/upgrade.  It can be felt mildly and will pass.  It has been an energetic time (and not the kind that shows up on some of the charts many of us reference).

Divine Mother energy is available.  It’s also Mother Teresa energy.  It can also be felt as John of Arc or even Amelia Earhart.  Always available to assist with healing the/a (mother) wound, with flow… and freedom.  One can connect, pull in and be this energy.

On this journey many have experience again and again a certain theme/situation.  We know to embrace… discern… and elevate/clear.  Yet some seem to surprisingly resurface.  So let’s use… a fear, as an example.  We can take what seems like a present/3D fear and elevate it to 5D.  5D is all about love so the anxiety/fear/reality needs to go to the heart.  In the heart, see if truth/healing can happen.  Allowing it to meet, dance and pass through.  Some fears (or issues) are bigger though, and one may feel in every cell of their being.  Breathe and send/be heart frequency.  Breathe and allow… it to be transmuted.  Love self enough to give… peace… joy… whatever fill in the blank.

On the 5D theme, too, an analogy:  We see a “house” we like.  We claim/anchor and then move everything into the 5D “house”.  We do this box by box/step by step/aspect by accept.  It can be a lot of work yet others may assist.  Then, we are home.  It feels new and awesome.  We think it’s a forever home… and for some it is – 5D’s a great place to live.  For many though, we then move again… and again (some may not even realize what’s happening).   It may seem like a non-stop relocating (aspect by aspect/step by step/box by box) of our energy and reality.

And I love when I get a perspective that’s not what you think.  Let’s try this one out:  That those who have long struggled with depression/anxiety… introverts/empaths… and even some with anger may be triggered by a/the “event”.  The flash of light/truth/energy.  A time for them to embrace a new earth/reality.  And… they won’t need “teachers”/guidance because they’ve always known.  It will work out perfectly and will be, nirvana.  Their current depression/struggle is being here, knowing and waiting for the reality to come.  So they may need to sleep until.  The teachers will go to other places or remain assisting others over the “bridge”.

This reminds, that while there are many great teachers/guides, you are the expert for self… and your own unique journey.  We’re all growing into our knowing and so, so, so much to still understand; an ongoing story.  Remain humble, open and amazed.  And… it may also be a good time to check your energy (as at times we get too much of other’s energy in the mix).

Years ago I often read self-help/spiritual books.  I found that when I read them slowly… often putting the book down and just pausing… that’s when messages slipped in.  Pondering/loose thinking often brings answers… your answers.  Our mind is a gift and strives to do it’s job.  Attempts at making sense of it all.  Well… 😊    Often though understanding does relax our mind/state of being and it comes in one way/state/time or another.

Interesting as I haven’t read a book in a year+ yet two have recently come into my energy.  Both about beliefs and shaking up what one may believe.  Oh this is good for the soul.    [ Which also reminds/as a side note:  one may be taken to the bible/given a passage… yet the words/meaning may now be different.  Sometimes it just takes a word or shift in frequency. ]

I’ve also noticed that over the past several weeks, I’ve a hard time writing, higher.  Like so much of this journey was about higher/next… yet really, it’s just that they’re different.  Not better than another.  And… on some plains, there is no truth… or lies. 😊 No duality.

In closing/a bit of a follow up to the last post, one of the reason we’re moving (or body)from carbon to crystalline is simple… need.  The average human just doesn’t have the need to.  Our journey has changed.  We desire to hear/see the higher/other frequencies.  So our molecular structure changes.  Water, plasma, more fluid.  Like a snowflake, no two alike.  We become more intricate and unique.  We feel/sense more.  Before there just wasn’t the need for this.  Evolution is happening.  And so our bodies continue to feel the tune ups/ascending symptoms-flu.  And we clear the old to make way for the new.

Ohh… smiling/breathing/feeling… through the heart and… here we are… ❤

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