Medication… Meditation

The other day as I went to write meditation, instead wrote, medication… well in ways… same thing.  Everything can become a meditation.  Doing laundry, dishes, taking a shower, walking.  It’s just a small shift in energy.  One could say being mindful… or a bit more conscious… in a certain energy… rhythm of life. 

A sense of breathe… peace… and joy.

So now… being in that energy… what would you like to think on… try/do… create…?  A mood… a thing (could be something as simple as a meal).  A plan.  An experience.  Just get the creative juices flowing.  Now is a great time – new moon.

This is also a time of balancing personal time, time with family/”family”/tribe/like-minded and… being in the 3D – opening eyes and hearts.

Like, have you ever looked at someone as a living library? A keeper of truth? At times I use Namaste – really feeling this meaning (I see and honor your inner light/truth).  When you think of another (and this would include any human being) as an akashic… a higher-self-living god… a super computer/complete strain of dna that is just waiting for us to ask/exchange information/energy. Wow.

Let’s all take our medication.  ❤


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