A Soulstice Solstice

Mandala’s by:  megandowntherabbithole


I could say now… and the energy is… profound.  I could also say for the most part it’s… so subtle that many may miss.  And yes, there may be some rather significant energy moments – all of which the mind may not understand.  Yet it can be so simple and pure.  Solstice’s (6/21)… is a great reminder.

Solstice in Latin is Sun standing still.  It happens twice a year, summer and winterWhile it can be placed in time… more a natural rhythm/”season”/event It’s when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.  And while for half of earth the beginning of summer, it marks winter for the other half.

So now can make a great time to allow the soul to stand still.  A still point.  A total relax and merge with all.  And then… to possibly reverse directions or polarities.  While many honor in ceremony/celebrations… it’s not that one needs to do anything.  Less… simple… may reveal, more.  And one may notice… change.  Now or over the next several weeks.  It might be a change in taste, your vision/goal/knowing… those who surround you… or where you may feel called to.


One may also notice different sleep patterns or sensations in the body.  We’ve been busy in our dream state/other dimensions and our bodies continue to awaken and change.


I thought I’d also share a few other thoughts; the random  😊

Releasing fear and victim mentality is a big part of a spiritual journey.  [ I can share that I would have no idea – o.m.g. ]  If you haven’t had lessons/situations… well… don’t be afraid – they can teach one much.  On the other side is… FREEDOM!  ❤  And it can release, excuses.  One might then see that many with far less, do far more.  They do it from their heart, no fear.  Something very genuine, natural and pure.

If one finds themselves in a situation/energy that used to be positive yet has turned negative… what can you gleam from the process?  Can you now let go in gratitude and love?  Verses anger/sadness/disappointment/projection.  One may see/ask/know that it was set up this way.  We know what we want… and when to move along.  Gifts are ready to come yet, we need to allow them to.

And this… is with no extra explanation, just to ponder:  Without it… everything becomes about it.  One’s it could be love, job/work/career/purpose, a house/home, money, health…


On occasion we discuss trauma/PTSD and this is when the overwhelming happens.  Yet… many may be experiencing now an overwhelming good.  To balance it all out.  There is much love here for you/us/all!

And… many who drink/smoke/are depressed… may be misdiagnosed-misunderstood.  Could it actually be a different issue…?  It would be easy to say that these issues cover and come from a deep and often unconscious pain.  Yet, what if that’s not the issue (as many have gotten to the root/pain/healed) or… may even truly enjoy.  So let’s use… adult ADD for an example.  A generation+ who would have never been officially diagnosed.  Many who may have ADD actually self-medicate/need nicotine – a stimulant – for their brain to function.  Also a reason why alcohol/etc. may ease/calm/free one.  Often it’s easy to place a label on mental health conditions yet it can get gray as there are many diagnosis’s and possible root issues/dna clearing.  It can take time, patience and much exploration to get to an understanding and finding what treats/works/relieves/releases.  Continuing on in a spiritual/holistic process for many will assist/be the answer.  Others may need a therapist… medical support.  If one is still desiring change/to feel better/etc., don’t give up.  Keep exploring!

Ahhh…  This can be a time of great breakthroughs verses breakdowns.  I was told that some things need to stay in place though (timing).  Stability… as much is shifting.  Regardless, we can sing, dance and play.  Happy Soul.  Happy Solstice. 


P.S.  One may feel energetically distracted and this may last in moments, over several days.  As if one isn’t productive/present yet…  🙂  ❤

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