Gene Keys

What if our DNA is just waiting for us to allow the right code to be entered and like, Voilà, it works.  Consciousness and life changing.  It almost sounds too easy, right?  Well… we are in earth school… maybe even computer school, too – so it may take years+++ of  learning  remembering the right code to enter.

I could give it away earlier and say the code is actually pretty simple.  And a code may not even be needed as it can happen naturally.  Being at peace/relaxed/open/breathing… ready… as our body does know what to do.  And Love… bingo!  We are born knowing… yet many of us (often on purpose) take a detour into conditioning/experiences.

I’ve been reading Gene Keys, Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden In Your DNA by Richard Rudd.  For me it’s been an amazing summary of the work we’ve been doing for years/lifetimes.  The book is a beautiful body of work and thank you Richard!  At first I was hesitant to write on as how could my words honor and summarize?  Well… this journey is about sharing so, here we go!

I found the book to be light encoded so one may have many (personal) a-ha’s and it can fill in the gaps of understanding.  It can also assist in elevating all 64 gene keys of our DNA.  The book has a 39 page preface and then 534 pages.  When I first started reading, I could only read a key a day… and really there is no rush.  As the words settle, much can unlock and come forth.  It may come in dreams, knowing, messages, synchronicities.  I guess I also need to say that I might not have been drawn to this book before now (for a variety of reasons).  More recently though the messages I’ve been receiving are on DNA/epigenetics and the spiritual journey.

While it is light reading… it’s also deep!  It does seamlessly blend many ideas/paths.  The keys don’t need to be read in order – yah and love this.  Most are easy to read/ponder (6-8 pages) and then… allow to digest.  Two are 20+ pages.  Richard also offers a free profile as each of us are unique (add your birth time and location) and, more on his website.

Some just read their 4/5 predominant gene keys.  I actually read 5 that called to me and then completed the profile (and got a totally different 5).  As you peruse the website, you can see there are many ways to read.  An ongoing adventure.  So far I’ve read 33 and do hope to read all 64.

At this time, I’ll just share three thoughts that resonated with me.  Trust that I could easily share more.  One of many reasons I started blogging was I believed my truth… yet often couldn’t find a reference.  I saw how it was/did change my state of being and life and wanted to encourage others to trust their process – even if they couldn’t find a reference (or was even told they were doing it wrong).  Lol… there is no wrong way!  If you read along here you know, just a reference as we go step by step (some in knowing, bliss, some in question, homework, and always doing the best we can).  I also often take a pause and look back.  Oh!!!  Since 2012 (for me/we) – Wow!!

❤  A handful of keys I was drawn to were about our suffering.  This can be felt as an empath, in clearing (karma – including generational, the collective), healing, and even the struggles we encounter and work through in reality.  We are literally clearing all of this out of our bodies/genes/energy/reality.  I was even more understanding this as I was finishing a key and then as I passed the TV, a show on the holocaust was on.  When you think on our amazing body as an akashic, we do know/remember everything.  Every good, bad, terrible, amazing, indifferent, desire, longing… omg!  We are, everything… and since the beginning of time.  And many of us have chosen and become very much in tune with the process of releasing the old so that evolution/enlightenment can happen.

❤  The book often addresses our fear/victim/lower vibe and how it is in our dna and plays out in our reality.  Yet… for each there comes a time (well, actually often many invitations as it can have a cyclical/repeating nature).  What is the shadow can indeed be the gift.  We transcend.  And as one deepens their journey and relationship to self… the body does follow nature’s cue.  A death and rebirth.  The book does address how it is a inner/physical process and, of the magic and mysteries.

❤  Another reason I started this blog was based on the 2020 messages/souls.  It would be happening now.  Interesting as Richard mentioned 2027 as a critical year – influx of souls.  Different and needed.  I smile as the 2020 may very well be their parents.  The vibrational state of the mother and pregnancy does matter (in more ways than the average may know).  Oh change/evolution is happening and, this is a process.

Okay… I pause here… for now.  In joy, gratitude and sharing… and sooo much love.  (( ❤  ))

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  6. I think Trump is sometimes in the red on #34 (Force, Strength, Majesty.) I think he has a twofold line like me where it is red and green. Reading the key made me think of him and the current situation. I pray he is able to transition from force to strength to majesty.

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    • I LOVE YOU… and this. Thanks for sharing. Dancer sounds good to me!! reminds me of just being in the flow… ❤ Unity Grace helped me read mine. The #'s get rounded off and are to be read… in kinda a reverse z pattern. Just keep DANCING!!

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