We are not separate…


from that which we love.  This seems to be one of the current themes/energy.

I remember years ago when I’d often use the gift of mediumship to deliver messages from the other side to loved ones here.  I loved doing this because I could see how it affected and often relaxed the one(s) here on this side.  Often it provided an answer… closure… or just reassurance.  I’ve seen we can get stuck when a loved one leaves us early/unexpected/unexplained.  I encouraged though to know… look for signs… and feel their presence.  They really are still with us… and love us so… and wish for us to live and succeed.

For some, now may seem quiet.  In ways for days now.  There is a lot of lower energy being cleared out.  Weather may be a sign and it’s been hot and humid here.  Humidity, much like fog, a sign to go slow.  Our bodies just can’t do as much.  Comfort… ease… safety/stability is what our bodies need now.  Yet it could easily be mislabeled as boring…  It’s more a simplicity that one may not be used to… and this is a gift and important.  From this, oh so much can spring forward.

We are cultivating something here.  Well… a lot!!  Some are now working on a new state of BEING.  Being with self… and … being with others.

This is about our presence of energy.  A state of being is not always about the past or future.  And if one hasn’t cultivated this space… or a deep level of comfort… being may not be truly felt/obtained/shared.  In a way, it’s like holding space yet, as everything is happening.  And this is why children play.  It fortifies their inner space.  Their inner kingdom.  And why play-time is also good for adults, too.

In prep for Solstice, some may be feelin (or felt) a gut check/clearing/upgrade. These usually pass in an hour or two yet can take a day or two.  Ginger and conscious breathing may help.  It can feels like mild nausea yet can quickly become a mental thing.  Over the years it’s has changed for me.  I used to think something, somewhere was very wrong.  (well, in a way)  I didn’t enjoy the feeling.  Then I’d overthink – had I missed something/done something wrong.  (nope yet gems may turn up)  For a while I’ve felt as collective clearing and this is what our gut does (processes/digests and at times we have some un ease).  Our gut though, like the rest of us, is being upgraded in light.  A higher vibe is working it’s way thru.  Our gut is one of our main energy centers and we’ve had a lot of mind, heart and gut work.

On to ears!  Tones… or maybe I should say frequencies.  Hearing them loud and clear. How they vibrate in body, too – wow.  They do not come in as words yet often a knowing. I noticed a slight difference a few weeks ago but now… wow.  It’s like x-ray vision for the ears.  It is why we often have to have silence. To tune self to silence… as it is not.  One may also notice in music/songs/radio.  It is the highs, lows and echo’s animals hear and then act with and in nature.

Alrighty loves and lights… enough for now.  We are not separate from our knowing, the Universe, loved ones, our dreams nor desires.  Breathe… open heart… and feel.  Happy Solstice !    (( ❤ ))



photo source:  luisbc.deviantart.com  ❤


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