It’s been an energetic few days.  A mild geostorm/unrest, electron flux and several starbursts.  Like a roller coaster ride, moments of up and down… and yippee… (if you like roller coasters that is).  I’ve heard from several saying, just get me off this ride.  So I could say that now is a good time to take care of self… and family.  To keep it simple.  And when in doubt, shift to a happy thought.  All is well.  What works now is…

love… kindness.  And, laughing at the unknown/unpredictable of the journey.  Many were ready for a shift with the solstice yet first, we need to get use to the this new spin/season/direction.

I’ve been present and really, no idea’s what’s next.  It can be a good time to pause/pull in and forerun the energy.  First though one may need to just pause/pull in and make sure one is centered/clear/doing okay.  A lot may be going on in one’s energy – the body… or in their reality.  (and this comes first)

I came to the word of undercurrent and looked up the definition.  Yup…


Feeling the unsteady/underneath.  Like what’s now shifted/not flowing in the same direction?  Possibly a sign of what needs to be reviewed and let go of/surrendered.  Undercurrents can undermined… and be potentially hazardous (rip curl)… or, maybe it is the nature/truth that will set one free.

I could say that any issues (and energies) are not personal.  One may feel a desire/need to resolve something yet, maybe it’s not an issue/lesson.  Some though are having mental, emotional, physical, _______ crisis’s now.  Actually this can be at any time.  Some may also be loosing time, focus… not feeling motivated or the passion that normally flows.  Oh we are all shifting.

Our bodies are much more finely tuned now.   When you think of your body as a community… of cells… as well as aspects.  What a diverse yet unified body.  And… stress is a buzzkill to our lightbody.  One may now more easily feel where their energy may be leaking/draining.  If it’s a worry/hassle/fear/obligation… one will know.  A huge part of this journey is elevating our nervous system… and then honoring it.

New aspects may also be waking up.  It can be a pow.  There’s a creator energy running, too.

And while we are constantly planting seeds… not all seed may sprout.  It may be due to overwater… just not time… or the mystery.  (Or they very well might yet, one doesn’t see.)

Some may find themselves making more conscious choices.  At times though this takes time… discernment and maybe even some clearing or elevated thinking.  If one is seeing or feeling mixed signals… breathe… clear…  There is no wrong choice.  One can make a choice from their heart… emotions… logic… knowing.  One can hold on till truth surfaces, wing it… whatever – just feel good about it and proceed.

For many, our codes are still filtering and we just can’t see who we are becoming just yet.  Yet, we will.  Relax… enjoy… be who you are now – a gift.    xoxo


(Solar Wind forecasted for 6/27 – 29.  Wind = change.  + Full Moon…   )

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