Witness Wit


A few months ago many of us were introduced to and worked on observingwitnessing… in a new way.  And that theme (and more practice) one may be feeling.

While being very present, one can pause, breathe… detach from their usual (or old self) of thoughts, being emotionally attached/invested/claiming or needing to act/react.  To not take personal/through personal history… or the mind.  If one can first go neutral.  Not attach an energy.  Even if one can do this for a minute (or a few seconds), it can make a world of difference.  To observe the situation not as a player, yet as if in a higher vibe – because we are… and have access to this.  It can’t be faked… yet practice will help.  It can become natural.

[  I had to look back and saw that I didn’t publish a post on the witness aspect/topic yet now have as it may provide some additional insight.  ]

Another energy that’s been present is that tidy up, clear your space and let go/take out the old/trash.  A whole new chapter is getting ready to start.  Perfect as we just had solstice and now a full moon.

In closing, I will also mention the alchemizing in advance energy.  One may feel heavy, out of sorts, tired, not knowing.   At times we work/elevate to the 11th degree a reality… and, at times our bodies feel the energy in advance.  Usually we have no idea until then we are in it.  We are better able to handle the situation – our best self is present.  😊   ❤ So… this is to say one may be feeling the latest light upgrades in a variety of  (physical/emotional) ways.  Please honor your process.  All is well.


P.S.  When I started this blog a pause was seldom needed.  Over the years I do take and usually forewarn.  In silence and change, or different, oh so much good can come.  I am feeling that energy again and will honor as needed.  I may make an attempt to clean the draft folder… yet then again, maybe not.  Let’s observe… hold space for the amazing new… and JOY!!  Even better, let’s partake, remind and be JOY.  Oh I love you.  ❤

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