personal responsibility

Oh there are sooo many moments in this journey.  This is just a collage on the personal responsibility theme/topic.  ❤


For some this will be a just a reminder, review or a step and can be easy… or take years.  To make peace will all that is, no excuses and to function with what you have… in joy and love… and not feeling limited in any way.  It may include some deep soul searching, forgiveness (of self) and a reality check that may seem humbling yet in the best kind of way.

Personal responsibility can become divine responsibility… ((  ❤ ))

8 comments on “personal responsibility

  1. My mood was low as I attempted to sleep last night and it carried out into the morning. It can be hard to survive on disability income and I receive help from my parents to survive. I was thinking about how I would make it at all my myself when my parents are no longer able to help me. 😦 I told myself the Universe would adjust and new ways of support would arrive. My sister has been visiting for almost 3 weeks now, I have been listening to her vent about Trump and her warnings that disability income might be taken from me altogether by Trump. I am strong, and perhaps the low feeling as nothing to do with listening to endless worries about the state of the world. I was just wondering, “What if I am wrong? What if I am not supported by the Universe?” Also the air conditioning in my apartment has been broken for months and another heat wave is here. Its gotten to the point that I almost don’t feel the heat anymore. I’m venting to you now about this low feeling, that I know medication will not take away.

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    • I love you!! I am also sorry about no ac. I also know who you are – amazing/a survivor/a creator/wise/ingenious… and that you have been supported and always find a way. It’s easy for us to worry and venting is good… and you know (smiling). HUG my high vibe sister. ❤

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