meta morphosis


Oh really I don’t even need to write… the word alone could describe the energy of now some may be feeling.   It really is a time to pause, pull in and allow.  The old… what we were and what is coming into form are two very different things.

This stage now though may feel awkward… unproductive… yet it doesn’t have to be.  Heart space, peace… verses mind.  There have been several starburst this past week, so many are connecting to remembrance.  Some are also (both consciously and unconsciously) feeling upgrades/changes in their body.  Allow the light and your body to do what it needs to do.  The mind – bless and calm it; a nice slow deep breath.

I will share a few frequencies that I am seeing/feeling that are being followed.  When one does this, it always comes to a higher octave/understanding.

❤  There is a stage in the journey where one becomes so present… they allow and work through anything that presents.  This may be clearings/upgrades… lessons, realities that need to be experienced and often elevated, etc.  We become flowing/adaptive/accommodating.

And then, a step/energy where our soul and the universe are asking of us… what do you want?  When one has been so allowing, this can cause one to pause.  One may even be a bit baffled.  The answer can be simple.  Like, ease/peace/joy.  Yet we can also remember what we wanted in the past (and as if somewhere on the journey we did let go of those thoughts/lists/desires).  Now though may be a good time to revisit.  And to realize who we are now.  Our uniqueness and solid foundation/core from which we operate from.  Many of us to hold a mission and that may now be unfolding in a new way.  It starts with asking and reviewing, what is best for me?  What now rings true?  Fits?  What bring joy, peace and love?

{ While there is no wrong way… one may now see that they may have been swayed a bit and our power of independence and choice is very important… and it always works out. }

❤  Some of the current themes may be themes one has worked on in the past and, a bit surprising.  Like, this again??  We don’t judge.  We know that it is for a reason and that it holds a gift/different side.  This may include:

  • Woman… and being included/supported/held in the best light.
  • Family/”family”… and old wounds that need to be released… or energy that needs to be shifted.
  • There’s also a thread of, shame.  The other side of shame can be deep love for self, others, empowerment and, freedom.

This is a time of discernment, closure and zero pointing/divine neutrality.  One will know/feel in their being when they’re there… so no sense in rushing it.  It may take a moment or weeks.  It may take a few layers to get there.  It is relaxing into one’s being until all comes undone – the omnipresence.  Ahh…

So, in sharing all of this, I also wish to remind on childlike innocence and play/fun.  Please make sure to include this energy in your routine.  To relax and smile.  To forgive and not take so serious the little things.  And, if one has been feeling blah/out of sorts, know that it all syncs up again – a new and better creation/version.  Don’t be afraid of this very normal/natural process/phenomenon… becoming the real you… who is very much needed in this now.    ((  ❤  ))



Artwork credit to Alex Gray


14 comments on “meta morphosis

  1. This post goes right to my heart. I have been feeling anger, sadness, just a gambit of emotions. Some I did not realize how much were so deep rooted. But I know all is part of the process. Thank you.

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