Form or Illusion…?

While one could say something is wrong with the camera… I think the point is more the example.  Several times as I’ve gone to take photo’s of nature (an insect, animal, plant, etc.),  I’ve been getting a blur verses the focus I know my camera can capture.  I smile as I understand this.  Often how we see the world of Spirit is in energy, vibration, aura’s, orbs, shadows and overlays. 

While energy creates matter/form… there is also much discussion on the holographic universe.

I also think on this example as a way to describe zero-point.  One can find in meditation and with practice can be obtained in a moment.  By breathing and becoming still.  The mind quiets… (yet this alone may take much practice).  One can feel their body yet then, relaxes… and even more so… till you no longer feel your body.  One seems to come undone and is one with everything.  Everything yet no thing.  So light…

One may enjoy more so in a cool (or warm) dark room or outside in nature.  I love when the wind is gently blowing.  You feel as if you are the wind.  And then… when you’re ready, you come back, in form.  Your essence has been restored.  Ahh… 

Like no worries and clear thinking.

(You can click on any pic to enlarge.  Eyes can hold additional medicine.)


In these pics, most of the items wouldn’t focus and became transparent, translucent, fuzzy or orbs… as if just an essence/not solid form.


And… if you were looking for an answer in this post… well,  let’s just say it is always good to free up our thinking… just, wonder and have some fun.  We can … anything can be both form and illusion.  Come un done and see.   ❤

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