Gut and Core

For years we’ve had heart and mind work and for many the solar plexus/gut are now UP.  Like every other organ and stage, it is a thorough review.  So…

This, too, may take many moments (over months/years – yet, let’s not focus on time).  Our gut-core is to be elevated.  In light.  Oh we thought our heart and mind had much to tell us… teach us… and clear.  Wait till you get to your gut.  In ways though we’ve been doing this subtly for years.  Those moments of nausea (as light enters each cell), purges, have a gut feeling and honoring (or not honoring it).  And core issues can range from childhood – life purpose issues. 
Meditation can help.  Relaxing into the process.  While it sounds too simple, one can just keep telling their body – I love you.  We upgrade easier when our body is allowed to.  When it is supported/respected/loved through the transition.   
I will also share that like our heart and mind, our gut-core can hold much fear.  Like, yikes!!  It may not seem logical.  It may be fractals and not personal at all.  Just the gift… yes, gift we came to transcend/release as it wasn’t ready to before.  So these moments may come out of nowhere and be felt as a panic attack, anxiety, general un ease, a quick and strange-alarming vision, etc.  Breathe… remember you are safe/loved/supported/needed to do this work.  Ground yourself in your power/divine present reality and neutrality.
THIS process we are going through is more important that we realize.  For many of us it’s not what we thought yet, we are using our gift and body in new ways.
For some, big areas of our life have been brought to our attention and (over the years) worked through… yet… we may not have the shift/resolution that one was hoping for.  As if the way/means to make (further and needed) changes haven’t materialized.  In time (and it may be like now) ways will become very clear.  The energy will materialize.  In the meantime, we hold the awareness/knowing.  We continue to make small changes that make one happy/brings joy.
I will also share there is a feeling of alone/isolated/misunderstood.  We know we are never alone – we are surrounded by Spirit- and by now understand self.  At times though through these shifts we do pull in, clear, change and then turn outward again to rediscover and connect.  Eclipse’s remove shadows and we are in eclipse season.  We are eclipsing self.
For some of us, we came here to overcome/push past any limit or norm.  We may have done this in our life pre-awakening.  And we do it again and again in awakening and ascending.  Yet I can’t say that pushing now works.  It may in moments yet for the most part, this is a way of the past.
So… we are very much getting to core issues and upgrades.  It is a solar /light event.   A plex is a unit and then add the us.  From this work we continue to release the old/fear and evolve.  Oh it is happening.  Individually and collectively – we are each doing our part.  New ways will surface and while moments may be challenging, they will pass.  Hold in perspective… place self in nature… take an Epson salt bath… make some ginger tonic/tea.  Make simple fun and peace.  Hug someone and then hug one.  Balance is needed now.  It can be found in peace and appreciation. 
I love you  ❤
P.S.  The general energy is like wow.  It feels like laughter and powerful.  One may be seeing stars or feel massive uplifting energy.  If one is busy though, it can be missed.  I feel as if these next six weeks or so can bring much transformation.  There’s no wrong way to do this, so honor and in joy.  One may also feel the lower body ache/drop.  And if one is having a more powerful gut clearing, a moaning meditation may be needed.  That’s right.  Lay down/get flat and start moaning – allow it to vibrate out of your body.  It may take several minutes.  It might sound – yikes!  The louder the better.  Then after several minutes watch it naturally change.  It can become an om… and a beautiful om/tone that is truly yours.  ((  ❤  ))

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