Ahhh… authenticity… I love and what a gift!  This may now be a word that summarizes some of the work we’ve been doing for weeks/months/years. 

I mention often that I keep a notebook (like a student) and, that I go back and review weeks/months.  While much of this journey is about being present… and forerunning… oh clues can be found in going backwards, too.  So just when you think this process is slow or that not much is/has happened… revisiting and reviews are like a wow for me.

We have released more fear, victim mentality and grown even more into our authenticity… and true path.  Our soul is expanding and elevating in such new ways… right here and now.

During this time though, one may have what feels like another dark night/knight.  It can be a mini one – literally a night/day or two.  At times we need to exhaust/deplete/”death” of an old self/way so that we can have a rise/ascend/rebirth… to see and taste the new.  Some will also feel the in-between.  It can feel calm yet… can also drive the mind a bit crazy as it tries to make sense/ground.  Like, when one is in it… they can’t always see the trees for the forest.  😉

We have been re-writing our code.  And one could say, by bye carbon – a lightbody may now be take on a new meaning.  Stay relaxed, hydrated and fluid.

One may now (or soon) find themselves saying,  I can, I will, I am, I do…  when possibly just a moment or few weeks ago this was not the case.

Oh love and let go of the old… and embrace the newness that is unfolding.  It is so pure… natural… authentic…  perfect, just as it is.   ❤


P.S.  Obligation… this would be a thing of the past.  If one feels obligated to… discernment here may be very freeing.  And, I’ll also share that at times we’re drawn to our greatest pain -no fear- to elivate it.  Till it causes us no more pain.

P.S.S.  Electron flux overnight and the body may have felt/be feeling.  This can wake one up from sleep and cause a variety of physical sensation (verses symptoms).  Bring on the light – one may be able to see it pulsing in their body and can cause mind and heart to race.  A nice slow conscious breathe…

Even more and bigger shifts -in a variety of ways- ahead… hold on or not…   ((  ❤  ))


14 comments on “Authenticity

  1. Hi Molly. 😘
    The picture you have in the banner up here on the website reminds me of the beach scene in the movie Contact with Jodie Foster.
    Have you seen that movie?

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    • Kristine… you’ve read from the beginning here -hug- so you know my story! Mack daddy one 3+ yrs ago and a few rounds since (that don’t seem to be about ego yet more like an often unexpected and profound release). It’s like we have to make peace with this, too – as we’d normally be happy-go-lucky. I had a needed re-adjustment a month+ ago (yet didn’t know it-was fighting it-urgh) I let it be like an ocean wave – wash over me/roll in and out. I can’t run or fight em and it’s even gotten to the point often they aren’t “personal” anymore (and tell myself tomorrow will be better). They can change us/make us more compassionate/wash away the old/grow through them and be very heart opening – yes, strange way to do this, too. So… isn’t it time for us to get together for coffee or glass of wine and LAUGH!! One day! Love ya.

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  2. Love, Love, LOVE, and RESONATE with this! 💖💫
    ‘Testing’….after clearing cookies etc., I am still unable to ‘like’ via WordPress, so trying my Google account for this comment. P.S. I can however from iPhone…..

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